An INFP in a Post-Apocalyptic World


This was once a world where animals breathed and waters ran free and strong.

Now, there is nothing.

I stand on top of a skyscraper, staring upwards at the sun. The sun’s rays slanted down towards me, like a kind of annihilation, and I wondered if one day, sooner or later, the sun would disappear too, explode in a supernova of rays of deadly light and scorch us all to death. Continue reading


A Heart-to-heart on Valentine’s Day


Sometimes, I write rambles like these, which are meant to feel like conversations with my readers, with you, that are meant to feel quite comforting. In these rambles, I will basically, as the word “ramble” suggests, ramble on about my life and some of the thoughts that have been worming their way through my mind and just sort of, you know, have a kind of conversation with you. Continue reading

What A More Mature INFP Thinks About Life


In the past—well, over five years ago, to be exact—I wrote a blog post titled “It’s Hard Being An INFP”, and it ended up being one of my most popular blog posts to date, and I thought to myself, why not write another version of the same post, except one which is five years into the future, five long years that have given me plenty of time to mature and grow as a person, and figure out many things about this world and this life as an INFP.

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What if the MBTI Personality Types Had Superpowers


The other day, I was thinking about MBTI types, and just thought to myself, wouldn’t it be interesting, if the different MBTI types were given different superpowers depending on what their personality types were like? For instance, if there was a particularly shy MBTI type, then perhaps their superpower would be to have the ability to pass unseen amongst other people, or become invisible; and well, I just thought to myself, this sounds like a great blog idea, not to mention lots of fun to formulate and write; so, here it is, a list of the MBTI types and their relevant superpowers, in a fictional world where your MBTI personality type determines your superpower. Continue reading


infp male

While I’ve waxed on endlessly about INFP women on this blog, ranging from posts about the perfect man for INFP women to all sorts of other girliness, simply because I am an INFP woman myself, it does beg to reason that I should also include INFP men in the equation once in a while, and write about them. Eons ago, I wrote a post about sensitive men, which I will link here (To All The Sensitive Males Out There), well, five years ago, to be exact, and since then, not once have I broached the subject of sensitive males or even anything close to INFP men, of which there are many of you out there, because I have received emails and comments from you before. I am ashamed of myself. Continue reading

5 Crazy Dreams INFPs Want To Achieve


Ah, the INFP. Dreamy and idealistic, gentle and kind, sometimes, we seem so soft and little and quiet it’s a wonder we actually have desires and achievements we want to unlock in life, just like everyone else on this planet. In actual fact, INFPs, although we might seem little and quiet on the outside, have very big hearts and brains, and therefore quite large dreams to match. We want to achieve great things in our lives sometimes, and although the dreams on this list are the ones that we wish could happen in our wildest dreams, and therefore hardly the most realistic, they offer a representation of what lies true to our hearts. So, without further ado, here is a list of crazy things an INFP might want to achieve. Continue reading

Will I Ever Find My “Soul Person”?


A “soul person”, in my vernacular, is basically someone who is a soulmate, except no romantic or sexual feelings are attached, and therefore the gender of the person does not matter. They are someone who knows you, completely and utterly, loves you despite knowing you completely and utterly (because, let’s face it, being known completely and utterly by a person is a hard thing to do, especially if we’re particularly good at being on our best behaviour or putting on a mask sometimes), and someone who just sees right into you, into your heart and soul, and well, understands you completely and utterly.

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How INFPs Can Overcome Social Anxiety


There aren’t enough fingers on my hand to count the number of times I’ve read about or encountered or received an email from an INFP who was struggling with social anxiety, so I decided it was time enough to write a post about it, if only so I can impart some of my “wisdom”, as someone who used to have severe social anxiety and somehow, miraculously, managed to overcome it.

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5 Life Lessons Learned by an INFP


Over the years—all twenty-one of them—I have learned quite a few things, and today, I thought I might as well share these with you, if only so you can learn from my mistakes, that I made in life, and which I over time rectified for fear of staying miserable or in a bad place. Some of these are simple life lessons to learn, others less so, and some of them, I’ll be honest with you, are downright scary to learn, but the thing is, as INFPs, and as people in general, we do need to make sure we are constantly pushing ourselves and making sure we put our best foot forward in whatever we do—otherwise, we remain these meek, shy creatures, who never truly come out of our shells and live life. So, without further ado, here are some life lessons I’ve learned as an INFP.

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