Do You Really Know Other People?

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As the title suggests, the topic of this blog is the question, “Do you really know other people?” And the answer, I think, is no.

People portray the best parts of themselves in public. Only behind closed doors, with family and people whom they are very close to do people drop their masks and reveal the true angels or monsters underneath. Continue reading


5 Things This INFP Has Learned In The Last Week


Apologies, dear dreamers, for being away for so long on my blog. The reason for this is that I’d completely run out of things to write about and thought I’d give myself some time for the ideas to build back up again and lo and behold, that is exactly what I happened. I still cannot guarantee I will be posting regularly but I will do so whenever I am able to come up with fresh content for all of you. Continue reading

This INFP Doesn’t Feel Lonely Anymore

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In around 28 days I will be turning 22 years old, and that, to me, is quite a big deal. It means I am only 8 years away from the grand ol’ age of 30 (only joking – 30 is still young), and I feel the urge to get my act together when it comes to my life, and to accomplish and do things with my time that are useful and productive. Continue reading

A Heartfelt Ramble


I want to believe there is beauty in this world. I want to believe that dreams come true.

Too bad everything in life seems speak to the contrary.

It’s 10:36pm at night and I am not in the best of moods, although I’m not too sure why. Writing is going as best as it can be going and even though I’m still not sure if my book is of publishable quality yet, at least I finished something and have created a tangible, piece of work which I am slowly chipping away at when it comes editing. Continue reading

Being a Christian INFP


As usual, I feel as though I have a lot of things to say but not the right words to express them properly or maybe my thoughts are so deeply rooted inside of me that I can’t even dig them out. Either way, I’ll try my best to express them as best as I can and may the chips fall where they may. I don’t think I’ve ever fully explored what it is like to be an INFP Christian on this blog so I thought today I’d write a little bit about what it’s like. Continue reading

Surely This Isn’t How INFPs Are Meant To Live?

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It’s nearly 11pm and I am in a particularly strange mood. Outside the house, there is a low humming noise, like that of a generator or something—I suppose it must be related to the construction work that has been going on outside where I live. I haven’t been feeling the best. I have been working on editing my book and am about 36% finished—yes I just did the math to calculate that just then—so there is progress happening on that end but otherwise I have not written anything new or interesting and my well of inspiration still has completely dried up. Continue reading

INFP Career Advice


After some discussion with a leader at my church, I have some more clarification in regards to my career choices in life and I thought I’d share the clarification I received with you, my dear readers, in case there are other INFPs out there who are feeling as equally lost as I was or just anyone who is feeling unsure career-wise. Continue reading

What It Is Like To Meet An INFP In Real Life


I mean, it’s sort of like meeting just another normal person, really. Here’s the thing. INFPs are very good at acting like something they are not. I don’t mean to say we are “fake”, per se, but in public, we can act like chameleons, blending in with the crowd, and even seem bubbly and extroverted. Don’t be fooled. Deep down, we are absolute hermits who like to hide underneath the covers of our bed and wish the world was a different place every single day. Continue reading

Why I Sometimes Don’t Like Being An INFP Part 2


Okay, so I will definitely make a post on why I like being an INFP later on this week but for now, I think I will write “Part 2” of why I don’t like being an INFP because I didn’t manage to jot down all of the reasons in my previous post, which many of you seemed to like. As a disclaimer, the things I am about to write about are not necessarily going to be relevant to all INFPs—even within personality types, there are differences and variances—but you will find that a great deal of INFPs oftentimes don’t like these aspects of being an INFP that I am about to write about. Continue reading

Why I Sometimes Don’t Like Being An INFP


Listen, being an INFP has its perks, which I will delve into properly in another post, but today, I would like to write about why I sometimes don’t like being an INFP. I think, out of all the personality types, INFPs have the most to complain about. To be honest, as INFPs living in the real world, we sometimes feel as though we have been dealt the short end of the stick in life and even though in reality, we have lots of things going for us and wonderful talents, we occasionally don’t like being INFPs. So, without further do, here are some reasons why I sometimes do not like being an INFP. Continue reading