A Chaotic Night


I don’t know why I always go after unavailable guys, and I’m kind of sick and tired of letting my happiness be dictated by them. As you can probably tell by the title of this post, it has been a nightmare of a night for me, mostly because I’ve been plagued by my own chaotic thoughts and emotions all night. Continue reading

A Ramble – Ever Wish You Could Redo Moments?

fob watch

There are many moments I wish I could redo in my life, mainly ones that occurred when I was a socially anxious teenager and fumbling my way through high school, not realising how much enjoyment and joy I was missing out on compared to my peers. Continue reading

You Deserve More Than A Distant Guy or Girl


I hate crushes. They ruin your life. You were strolling along, perfectly content with your life—and then he or she comes along, making you feel things you didn’t want to feel and tugging you towards them with a piece of invisible string. And, since I don’t get crushes on women, I will focus more on men in this post Continue reading

Letting Others Influence Your Self-Esteem


When someone I admire, sometimes for the wrong reasons, expresses disapproval of me or are disappointed in me, the blow to my self-esteem is oftentimes horrific. I won’t go into the details of what occurred to make me feel this way today, just in case the people involved stumble across my blog (paranoid, I know), but let’s just say Continue reading

Freaking Out About A Crush At 12:39 am


Is it just me, or do the most neurotic thoughts most often pop into your head in the middle of the night? And when I say neurotic, I mean neurotic. It’s as if my brain stores up all the craziness it tries to quell during the daytime and all of it comes out at night to feed, like ghouls and bats and other Halloween-esque creatures Continue reading

A Scary World


Temperatures reached 47°C today here where I live in Australia, scorching temperatures that would have done a great deal of harm since there are bushfires are raging across certain areas of the country. For those of you who haven’t donated yet to bushfire relief, I strongly suggest you do so—I will provide a link to do so HERE. Continue reading

Unexpected Developments & A Sobering Reflection


That was the best I could come with as the topic for today’s blog post, which was requested by some of you, which was to keep you posted on how the crush situation is going. To all intents and purposes, it seems to be going very well—because I am a paranoid person, I won’t post any details as to why it’s going well, but let’s just say Continue reading

When You Get Anxiety About Small Things


First of all, I hope all of you are having a great New Year’s Day, although unfortunately, Australia isn’t having a very good one due to the bushfires and if you haven’t donated already to the cause if you live in Australia, I strongly suggest you do so if you have the means. But, of course, I still have to get onto the topic of this post, which is anxiety Continue reading

New Year, New Crush


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! I took a short break from blogging after writing 12 consecutive Christmas posts in a row, and I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas and will go on to have a lovely New Year as well! I’m going to try my best to stay up late to watch the fireworks here in Australia on television at midnight, or, at the very least, I will set an alarm for 12am Continue reading

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Merry Christmas! I’ve just come back from an outing with my family to a park that overlooked a river—it was very nice and indeed—and now, since I’m back home, I thought I’d get started on my Christmas post, although I checked online and for many of you, especially US readers, Christmas has only just begun. Continue reading