When People Disappoint You


People can’t be relied upon to make you a happy person or comfort you as completely as you would like to be comforted, a lesson I have learned the hard way. For so long, I kept reaching out to other people for love and affection, hoping they would be my prince or princess, a shining beacon of hope in my life, only to be left disappointed and my hands grasping at air. Continue reading


A Happy Update On This INFP’s Life


I feel happier than I have in a long time as I continue to learn God’s word from the Bible and live my life. The more I learn about the Bible, the more I fall in love with its intricacies and its truth. Yes, this INFP, who is known on her blog for our bouts of sadness and despair, is actually at a stage in her life where she is quite happy and God has played a huge part in this change. Continue reading

What Celebrating My Birthday Has Made Me Realise


A year ago, if you told me that I had family and would have friends who truly cared about me and loved me, I would have laughed bitterly in your face and then gone home and cried into my pillow. To say that I suffered in my younger years as a result of anxiety and a bad home environment, not to mention the usual portion of teenage angst and existentialism that comes with the territory, would be an understatement. Continue reading

INFP Problems: Other People Are Mentally Tougher Than Me


Lately, I’ve been struggling with the rather silly conundrum of being too tired to work but too bored not to work. Boredom is something INFPs suffer from greatly, which is why oftentimes, even though I need extra sleep, because I’m bored and tired of sleeping, I will actually get up and do some work to stave off the boredom even though I haven’t met the sleep quota necessary to feel fully rested.

Enough blabber about that. Continue reading

I Feel Close To No One


I sometimes feel like I am absolutely close to no one and don’t really know anyone. Half the time, I don’t know even if I truly love anyone because everyone has bad aspects to their personality and once you dig deep into the dark, gooey centres of their heart, you find they are not the people you thought they would be. Continue reading

When Nothing Feels Right

I think I am not okay but so good at pretending to be fine I have even fooled myself. Nothing feels right today. Nothing at all. Not my writing, not my life, not my relationships with other people—I am having what I call a Black Cat day, where everything feels wrong and terrible and you have no idea why. Continue reading

What Is Your Personality?


Do you ever wonder who you truly are as a person, your personality and how other people perceive you as being? I wonder about it a lot, what my personality is like, what other people think their personality is like. What it is like to be inside other people’s heads and their bodies (that sounded a lot creepier than it actually is; I’m just curious about what it’s like to be other people, in a nutshell, and to see the world through their eyes, to be them). Continue reading

I’m Turning 22 And I’ve Never Had A Boyfriend


I feel lonely. I am convinced that loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world. It makes you feel as though nothing will ever be right again. Like the entire world has turned lopsided and your heart is going to fall out of your chest and plop onto the floor, with the veins traced across it in the shape of a sad face. Continue reading

An INFP’s Ramble


I wish to be more than what I am sometimes. I don’t know exactly what. I kind of wish to be the heroine in books, who go on interesting and beautiful adventures and have to make hard choices and is brave and wonderful and all things good. Instead, I must contend with my boring, little life, although I am utterly grateful to have the life that I possess and the luxuries of food, clean water and a roof over my head. Continue reading