Why I Love Being Highly Sensitive



It seems that high sensitivity is more often viewed as a liability than an asset. In my last post, I lamented some of the difficulties I have experienced as a HSP.

However, I don’t think we should forget all the wonderful abilities and attributes highly sensitive people have. And yes, even if we don’t fit in with the rest of society sometimes, react far too strongly to everything and are viewed as just plain weird or different, the silver lining is glorious. I wouldn’t trade my high sensitivity for anything.

So, without further ado, here are a few reasons why I love being highly sensitive (I really have come far in acceptance and I am proud of myself. Used to think of myself as defective and now I am writing a blog post on why I love being sensitive. Go figure).

1. Good listeners. We are that kind friend who listens to others pour out their sorrows. Except we don’t do it just to put on a show and be a ‘caring friend’. When you tell us your worries and problems, we truly feel for you. Acutely. Because we are so finely tuned to emotions, we empathize incredibly well with people. And that’s why I am always the shoulder to cry on in my circle of friends.

2. Imagination and creativity. Okay, I know that people who are not highly sensitive can have great imaginations and creative capabilities as well. But I swear, my imagination is directly linked to my sensitivity. If I wasn’t so incredibly sensitive to all sorts of things as most people, I don’t think such vivid ideas and images that I translate into stories I write would ever spring to my mind. It’s like having a more fine tuned nervous system makes me more aware of what is weird, fantastical, beautiful and wondrous.

3. Being a HSP makes me highly intuitive. I can ‘feel’ the emotions of other people. But I don’t only operate in the arena of feelings. Oh no. I can sense what others are thinking, what their dreams and goals are, what they worry about, etc. I’m not saying I am psychic or anything. I can just read people really well. And I am usually uncannily right. I can tell if a person is fake or genuine, moral or immoral, simply through observation of their mannerisms. Sometimes, I am the only one who sees it when a person acts superficial, glib words spouting from their mouths much to the delight of others.

4. Appreciation of nature, art and music. When I say ‘appreciation’ I don’t mean it in the normal sense of the word, that ‘I really like this stuff because it’s so beautiful’. No. When HSPs say they appreciate things like art, we often mean that we cannot live without it and that if we come in contact with it, we are in heaven and tears seep out of our eyes like there is no tomorrow. It doesn’t happen with all kinds of art or music. But when we hit upon something that really touches us, we become some of the most happiest people in the world at that moment. When I read an achingly beautiful line in a book or my eyes land upon a fantastically strange surreal artwork, I want to cry with joy because it is all so beautiful that my mind and body is utterly overwhelmed.

5. HSPs are compassionate. At my core, I am an idealist who is filled with empathy and compassion that I want to expend. Translation: I want to help suffering animals, children, insects, adults, teenagers, the misunderstood, the overlooked, the underdogs, that decrepit library that should be renovated so it can bring joy to readers, that poor pair of shoes that must feel so lonely because it hasn’t been worn for so long and that poor careworn blanket that wants nothing more than to be hugged…you get the idea. I was that kind of kid who does things like trying to revive a dead ant by letting it crawl out of the water onto a stick to dry in the sun or is filled with anguish when seeing dead birds lying near the pavement.

6. Curiosity. I don’t think I am at all smart or intellectual. Just because I think deeply about things now and then doesn’t make me better than other people in the mental department. It just means my brain is wired a little differently, being a HSP, introvert and right-brained thinker and all. But I truly believe that my sensitivity at the very least lends me great curiosity. Because I am so hyper-aware and notice every little detail, whether it be of my physical surroundings or of the emotions and reactions of other people, I am a very curious person. I see everything, so I want to know everything. I hunger for knowledge, to figure things out about people and the world.

7. Allows me to see the important things in life. Perhaps this ability is a combination of my introversion and being an INFP. But nevertheless, I think that being a HSP has allowed me to see the bigger picture and cut down to what truly matters in life. This is due to my extensive observation throughout my life of the world and people and subsequent introspection. I don’t go for the petty things. I just know that there are greater and more magical things in life to worry or care about. And that’s pretty cool.  

So there you are. I’m sure I missed out on lots of things. And I’m sure other HSPs might have different things they love about their high sensitivity. I’d just like to say that some of the worlds most famous writers, inventors and pioneers had traits of high sensitivity. And that makes me happy. I am not gloating. But I feel happy to know that I shared a personality trait with all those wonderful human beings with their wonderful minds that have brought something magical to the world during their existence. It makes me believe that I can do something like that one day too.

Have a wondrous day.


5 thoughts on “Why I Love Being Highly Sensitive

  1. Again – I agree with so many things you have written. I know being a HSP can seem like a curse, but since realising that I was “normal” to feel the way I do, I have tried to embrace everything that makes me, ME! I really enjoy your posts – it is always nice to find someone who sees it just like you do!

    • And, likewise, I’ve really enjoyed your comments. It feels good, to have people relate to your experiences, isn’t it? We are normal. Normal is subjective. There are all kinds of ‘normal’. I find you more normal than many people I meet as I go about my day.

  2. Being highly sensitive and a 5’5″ guy is a real bummer, I can assure you.

    There are many, many times I have wished I was not so sensitive. For instance, my desire to be touched, just touched is so strong yet at many times in my life, so unfulfilled, I think because I am strong and authentic and it intimidates people. And our society is geared to weed out sensitive men from the gene pool, so it can get pretty lonely.

  3. Sorry, I just discovered your blog and I’m having fun reading these, because I have recently been exploring my HSP side, and its kind of cool to read because I’m an INFJ/INFP. I have a single friend whose eyes don’t glaze over when I talk about story ideas. A lot of people actually say things like, “oh I’d like to read that story you were talking about yesterday,” and stuff, but you know. There’s nothing to relate to on a personal level. And I get worked up about things that so many people seem to just walk by. Like how can you NOT get angry about the sex slave trade when you think about what those people go through? I don’t understand how people can just say, “Oh yeah that sounds terrible” and then go get up in arms about something that is significantly less important.

    But anyway, I’ve found a lot of peace lately. I haven’t read much of your stuff so I don’t know what you believe, but I can honestly say I’ve changed over the last year or so because of God. Suddenly my heart has just started to feel so much lighter, and my anxiety is almost completely gone for the first time in my life. I’ve started to discover how God is seriously in control of everything and how if he wants me to do something, he’ll put me in a position where I can. I just need to remain open, and otherwise just go about life loving people – not worry about whether they believe the same thing as me, whether my story is getting written, and not worry about if my house is clean. Because seriously, who has the right to care? There are much more important things to do anyway. Usually I’m at least anxious about my stories, because I always felt like I HAD to write them or they’d die or something. Which they sorta would if I never told them. But now I kinda see how they affect things whether I ever write them or not, and if they die, then its just their time 😛 And its all okay.

    Sorry that was a lot. I’m really tired because I sacrificed more sleep than I ever have in my life this week – story breakthroughs! I don’t even remember what I was originally saying.

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