There Is No Prince Charming


The moment the female creatures of our species enter this world, they are conditioned to believe by the entertainment industry (I’m looking at you, Disney) that there is a ‘prince’ waiting out there for them.

That prince who will sweep them off their feet and marry them and solve all their problems in life and allow them to live happily ever after.

Ever notice that we often don’t see what occurs after the prince marries the girl in movies?

Because after the marriage, reality creeps in. Arguments, divorce and barbed conversations. Maintaining a relationship takes work.

People don’t fall in love instantly and keep that love kindled without effort (I swear, if Disney’s warped sense of the world were reality, there would be a lot of assault cases – kiss the damn women on the lips and they’ll open their eyes and fall in love with you?)

But hey, don’t want to extinguish the hope in these little girls, do we? Let’s just slip them this drivel and let them dream themselves to destruction. Never mind the psychological effects in the future, making a profit is what matters, oh, yes, yes, fiddle dee dee.

Am I overreacting? Okay, maybe. And, yes, you make a valid point, those are fairytales or mere stories and are not meant to be taken at face value. But hell, they sure have messed me up.

I’m naturally idealistic. I often ignore reality, treating it like a painting on the wall – I can choose when to look at it and a lot of the time it just fades into the background. This is something I’ve been trying to work on as I’ve grown older.

And then the entertainment industry goes ahead and feeds me all this bullshit year after year. Excuse my language. But all those Disney movies. All those Hollywood movies. They have created this disgusting, horrible, twisted image of love and life. Twisted? Yes. Because all my life, I’ve dreamed of meeting a savior. Of a Prince Charming that would come riding in on his stupid, white horse and rescue me from the misery of every day life. I would fall in love and life would be perfect. I’ve coined the term ”Damsel in Distress Disorder (DDD)” for this psychological condition.

All my life, I’ve been propounded proudly that I am a feminist. But I’m not if I suffer from DDD. How can I be a feminist and expound the strength of women if I’m just a soppy wimp waiting to be saved? I’m just a hypocrite. Oh, oh, please help me, please save me dear prince, please materialize because I’m too weak to do anything myself. I make myself sick.

Because the truth is, there is no savior, no Prince Charming out there for any of us. And for all you men out there, there is no Princess who will glide in and complete your life. If your life is in the dumps, no one will magically appear to help you. If you’re not motivated and accomplishing nothing, no one will be there to prod you in the back. Sure, you may have friends and family. But they have their own lives to contend with and can’t revolve around you forever.

So if things in your life aren’t the way you like it, don’t pine, don’t whine, don’t lament. Don’t daydream about a savior. The only person who can save you is yourself. Freaking cliché, but it’s the truth and it’s one that took me a long time to see.

In the words of Tiana from ‘The Princess and the Frog’, ‘fairytales can come true but you gotta make ’em happen, it all depends on you’.


Never forget that.


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