Survival Kit Of A Dreamer


Just to clarify, when I say dreamer, I mean someone who blatantly denies reality. You don’t know anyone like that? Well, I’m right here! And yes, this is meant to be humorous because I’m in the mood for humor and want to chase away the dark clouds that have been hanging over my thoughts for the past few weeks. I wrote a previous post on the survival kit of an introvert: and it was fun to write, so I decided to do another one. So, without further ado!

1. A ton of books. Just, I don’t know, steal a library, do anything to get your hands on a mountain pile of them. There better be no depressing autobiographical books about death and despair, though. Just to be safe, stick to fiction only. And immerse yourself in it. Live in a makeshift dwelling constructed from the books which you consume. Never leave this dwelling. Or if you really have to, like to do work and earn this stupid thing called ‘money’, bring some of your treasures with you so you can escape into another world and life when you have a spare moment.

2. Zappy thing. I don’t know what they’re called, they like give this quick, little harmless electric shock when you touch them? Yeah? Get that. It will get rid of those horrid people that dare to interrupt you in the midst of a film or novel. Also, when someone starts telling you to grow up and spews something about life being hard and it being a dog eat dog world and to stick your head out of the clouds, use it. You’ll thank me later.  

3. Daydream eye mask. Just pop one of those things over your eyes and you are free to dream away, imagining yourself living different lives in beautiful, magic worlds.

4. A laptop. With countless movies downloaded onto it. Instant reality escape.

5.  Bottled dreams. You know that book the BFG (Big Friendly Giant)? And how he has these jars with which he catches dreams? Get a laboratory filled with dream jars so you can go away on adventures while you sleep. Or you could manufacture them using your own brain but that’s inconsistent, sometimes you have nightmares and dream about real life and real people, and we don’t want that, do we? What do you mean bottled dreams don’t exist? *uses the zappy thing*

6. Compliant family members or friends. Note: Not recommended for anyone over the age of fifteen. Get your family members and friends to play along with your imaginary worlds and situations. It will feel all the more real to you if people are going along with it rather than giving you weird looks.

7. A notebook and pen. So you can write down and create your own imaginary worlds and people.

8. Telescope. Can’t forget our trusty telescopes, can we? We are the navigators of the fantastical and what better way to enjoy yourself than looking up at celestial objects in the sky? They seem so far away…so mysterious and magical…and the shooting stars…

9. A microscope. Cause even the little critters are more fun to look at, am I right people? No, but on a more serious note, the little creatures are fascinating, an entire world exists under our very noses yet we hardly think about it. Makes you wonder what’s bigger than us and looks at us with a microscope…

I think I have a slight Peter Pan complex.

If you have any more to add, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Survival Kit Of A Dreamer

  1. Hmm… well, if there’s a telescope in the kit, then a microscope is also a must, then. You can then watch the lives of tiny beings, with surprising forms and behaviours, unfold before your eyes. They live in their very own unseen universe, so, so, soooo disconnected from ours… Not as magical as stars, I reckon, but certainly as outlandish as the aliens living there 🙂

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