Those Moments


I feel like there are a lot of moments in life which are neglected.

I mean, we celebrate the birthdays, the graduations, the marriages, all the hullaballoo, bursting-with-joy, fireworks of sprinklers and confetti moments, but no-one ever talks about the small moments in life.

Some of them are sweet, joyful.  

Some of them are sad.

But they play just as large a part in our lives as those moments filled with fanfare, perhaps even more so, because they’re quiet and simple and behind closed doors, no trumpets, no glitter, no cameras, and are about just you and existence and people and life.

Here are some of those moments.

1. When it’s almost evening and the house is quiet and you’re bored and everything seems to be veiled in a grey pall and even the air seems to flow sluggishly and life doesn’t look so good, at least until dinner rolls around and you get a burst of energy as the sun sets.

2. When you’re in a crowd and you suddenly feel all alone and then you start thinking about just how many people there are in the world and how you are only a single organism in a sea of so many and that unsettles you for some reason though you decide not to dwell on it too much.

3. When you’re driving or sitting in a car late at night and you watch the moon seemingly follow you as the vehicle trundles down the road and it makes you really happy for some reason, like the moon is some celestial puppy bounding along and being your pal for the night journey.

4. When you’re sitting at your desk working and suddenly you decide to look up and just at that moment the sun is setting outside, casting gorgeous pinky-orange rays and turning the edges of clouds purplish and your heart just fills with the wonder and beauty of it all until it feels like it’s about to burst and you’ll cry and suddenly you don’t feel so stressed or bad about the day or your life anymore, because, look, that sunset is so damn pretty.

5. When you wake up one morning, thinking you have to go to school or work and then realize it’s the weekend and a smile spreads across your face and your head hits the pillow and your entire mind and body relaxes in relief at the feeling of freedom, the chance for reprise.

6. When it’s late at night and you decide to watch a movie by yourself and it turns out to be romantic and you go to sleep with your heart aching for an ideal and illusion that will never be yours because it is fabricated by the movie industry.

7. When it’s the middle of the night and your mind is roiling with thoughts and you can’t get to sleep and it seems like you’re the only one suffering while everyone else has floated off to blissful dreamland and you start reliving cringe-worthy memories or playing scenarios out in your head and thinking about really weird stuff like what is consciousness and is the butterfly effect real and try to imagine the full extent of the universe but can’t fit the thought inside your head because it’s just too big.

8. When you’ve been optimistic about your life and where you’re headed and your own abilities for days and you suddenly plummet and the self-doubt gnaws away at you and your productivity decreases as you question the worth of yourself and everyone and the world but then you decide to just plow on because being worried and depressed does nothing and somehow life always goes on anyway.

9. When you pause during your day and wonder if there truly is someone out there who is your soul mate and can understand your every atom and if so, whether you will ever meet that person and suddenly you start panicking, like, what if I never meet that person, what if there are thousands of pairs of people who are perfect for each in the world but because of time or space or distance they never cross paths?

10. When you read a beautiful line in a book or see a beautiful piece of art and hear an exquisite strand of music and it’s like for one moment life is oh-so-worth living because it’s life and it’s awesome and it has such awesome stuff and such awesome people and it’s like something deep inside you is plucked and thrummed and your soul vibrates and evaporates out of your chest in sheer joy and floats up to the heavens to bob like a balloon.  



10 thoughts on “Those Moments

  1. Couldn’t agree more – there are so many tiny moments in every day that fill you with, I don’t know what the word is really, just a feeling of ‘aliveness’ or something… I can relate to a fair few of these – especially no. 8 which can hit you like a bullet from nowhere and you have to fight for your resolve but hey, it’s always worth the battle in the end, isn’t it?
    You are a wonderful writer – and aren’t afraid to express your own humanity, which I really admire (I try and do the same thing, but man, it’s tough sometimes!).. From one idealist to another, full of confusion, love for the world and unanswerable questions about, we’ll, everything, please keep writing & sharing your journey. We’re all in it together, even though it can feel devastatingly lonely sometimes…
    Thank you for posting what you post 🙂

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  3. That moment you realize that the people you relate to most are typically found on the internet. The other day I realized that I might not have ever met another INFJ in my life. I might have met a number of HSPs, but no INFJs to my awareness.
    T_T feels lonely!

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