Meaningful Questions? Mhm.


1. What is the point of life?

The point of life is to live. It’s that simple. To live, to exist, to be. And perhaps along the way you can create art, help people and just make living in this world a bit better for others as well.

2. What is love?

Love is a feeling of deep-seated affection. It can make life momentarily worth living without knowing why we exist in the first place. It is a source of comfort in a chaotic and merciless world. Just don’t get too attached, because like all things, I assure you, it is temporary. That’s how people get hurt or disappointed. They clutch to love like drowning men, only to sink to further depths once it leaves them. Treat love like ice-cream. It’s yummy, but only for a short while, because soon you will have consumed it, and it will be gone. Sometimes you can even lose love while the source of your love is still with you. Stagnant marriages, for instance. People get used to people, and try to find new people to feel excited about all over again, a different flavor of ice-cream. Enjoy it, but always remember, it doesn’t last.

3. Does life have meaning?


You are just a manifestation of the universe. You’re extraordinary, but you weren’t bestowed with any divine path. It’s like asking whether chocolate has any meaning. Chocolate doesn’t have any inherent meaning. It’s just made of beans, from a plant, or, if want to go deeper, just atoms assembled in the right way to create what humans call chocolate. But it’s tasty, isn’t it? Humans find it tasty. It makes us happy. So, we give our lives our own meaning, knowing that it is overall meaninglessness, but, hey, this chocolate sure tastes good doesn’t it?

4. What is death?

Death is an absence of existence. It is nothing to be scared about. The only reason humans fear it is because we can’t imagine a world without us in it, we fear the abyss, and rightly so – the moment you die, your view of the world, your little bubble of existence, one pair of the universe’s eyes with which it uses to view itself, so to speak, dies with you. Think about the time before you were born. Can you recall any of that? Nothing, right? And how can anything bother you when you aren’t there to be bothered? There have been billions of years during which you did not exist, and there will be billions after you die. It’s just the way it is. All of existence is a puddle of water, and sometimes here and there little crystals form, and others melt, an endlessly shifting white kaleidoscope of building and disintegrating patterns. Look, there you are. That little snowflake. And aren’t you pretty!

5. I am depressed, fat, ugly, lonely, single and worthless. No-one would care if I died. I just want to kill myself. Should I?


And I’ll tell you why.

Whether you kill yourself or not actually doesn’t matter. Either way, the universe doesn’t care. The world won’t care, people won’t care – they’ll just go on with their lives. The earth will continue to revolve around the sun, the grass will grow. This does not only apply to you – this is the case for every single living creature on this planet. The opposite is true as well. Most people on this planet do not care that you’re alive. Everyone is much too busy worrying about themselves and their own lives.

So why not live?

If both mean nothing to the universe, why not live, since living has greater meaning for you, at the very least? If they’re both sides of the same coin, why not choose existence, choose to be conscious and experience life as a homo sapien? Living is always better than dying. Always. If you’re dead, you can do nothing. If you’re alive, you can do things, you can improve your situation, you can make things better, you can get help, you can fix or change your reality. And if you live, you can also make life worth it, you can make people care, make the world care, by bestowing your gifts, by helping people, by making the world shimmer with your own brand of magic, even if it’s for a little while, and that’s nice. That’s damn nice.

Besides, you can’t enjoy chocolate or ice-cream if you’re dead, so there’s that.

PS: These are only my opinions and insights, as an atheist. You are completely free to disagree.

PSS: Being the philosophical little lass I am, I’m wondering about making meaningful questions a regular thing. What do you guys think? If you’d like it to be so, comment and ask some of your deep questions and I’ll answer them all in another Meaningful Questions post. I love you all, fellow human beings, and never stop dreaming.

– Dreamerrambling


8 thoughts on “Meaningful Questions? Mhm.

  1. So, I read this aloud to my INFP husband, just to see his reaction. Not that an INFP or INFJ have a right or wrong way to view the world, but me being and INFJ, I wanted to see if there was a difference of opinion. He pretty much said he agreed. Definitely on the death part. The meaning part he was on the fence but I tend to think your right. Meaning is different for different people, and is constantly changing. As for the love part, it sounds more like fear than love, not real love. Is there such a thing as real love? Well, it does seem fleeting in the current state of our world but I think so, in the sense that it is within ones self. Maybe it is much more difficult to find between two people. Your definition is on point. Many people grab ahold to someone as if they are their anchor. That just isn’t so. Great post. Gives us a lot on which to think and that’s a good thing!

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m glad it made you think, and that you’re husband liked it as well. That’s what I’m here for, or this blog is here for. To throw out the questions and tangles of emotions from my one itty bitty human mind like messages in a bottle and see what wades back.

  2. Interesting exercise! I want to try to answer these questions too.

    1 – As far as I can tell, with the little and insignificant amount of knowledge I gathered in nearly two decades of life, the point of life is to survive. In other words, reproduction. The beings which manage to replicate themselves will give continuity to life.

    2 – Love is the combination of hormones, beliefs, interests and intentions. Of course, it’s more generic than passion and caring. Love means understanding and willingness to cope with others who are the objects being loved. For example, it’s possible love someone and still don’t be passionate about this person and vice versa. It’s the electrochemical activities in our neuronal networks. Commonly, I mean, the common sense tends to accept that love make us to magnify those who are loved. Maybe because others are somehow extension of ourselves. We are capable to identify ourselves with others.

    3 – Mine does. Okay, I’m cheating. Generally speaking, I also believe that life has no meaning at all. Meaning is something which is constructed by the brain. If that’s the case, so I do create the meaning of my life for my own particular reasons. And the meaning of my life is…. to understand life. Be curious about what interests me. HAHAHAHAHA.

    4 – Death is the result of the inability to no longer being capable to regenerate. It’s the fate of 99,9999% of the beings in Earth. However, this specie of jellyfish is considered immortal: because in its DNA there are instructions (controversial) that make it capable to always regenerate itself. It turns out that biologists are trying to understand this feature and, who knows, someday mankind will unleash the secret of immortality. We never know. Just speculations…

    5 – If I kill myself, surely my family and friends will be sad. Thousands of people have killed themselves. And dozens of thousands were killed by other human beings. And thousands are killed by accidents and natural phenomena. I know that. Before my birth, billions of years had passed. After my death, billions of years will pass. This short period is just luck. I’m lucky to be alive. Being optimistic, probably I’m going to live until 80s. I want to make the most of it. Learn as much as I can and share my knowledge. Spread what I know and contribute with humans. Even if little. We’re going to die anyway, let’s not abbreviate that. Although we are free to do so. Usually, people who are going to kill themselves don’t tell anybody. Otherwise, others will stop him/her as much as they can. The world is unpredictable. If we feel sick and worth like a shit today, tomorrow is another day. This is simple but hope is the elixir of humans.

    Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I was used to be an idealistic INFP. But this side of mine is turning into something that I can’t describe very well… my rationality sometimes take over the control and, guided by an obsessive curiosity I end up searching for detailed descriptions of reality. Anyway, thanks.

    PS:Oh, yes. The Sun doesn’t revolve around the Earth. Actually, it’s the opposite. And this is not a matter of perspective. It’s a physical fact. Maybe it was a mistake. Here is a funny video explaining:

    • Wow. That was awesome. I loved your definition of love. Yes, sometimes, when you break it down to biological processes and chemicals, romance loses some of its charm. And I almost split myself laughing when I realized I wrote the sun revolved around the earth. Oh, dear. Just changed it. Now that’s what I call a faux pas. Thanks for another awesome comment 🙂

    • Awesome! I loved your one about love. Sometimes, I forget that it’s all impulses and chemicals and synapses. And thanks for pointing that out – I nearly split myself with laughter when I realized I had actually written that the sun revolved around the earth. I’m not that much of a dreamer, haha.

  3. Very, very interesting this one. I’m an atheist and an INFP and I have wrestled with this question myself. The conclusions you reach are ones I am heading towards but haven’t quite got there yet. You have a wonderful direct clarity of style which makes complex ideas accessible. A great piece – thanks for sharing.

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