Hey, Have You Heard? It’s A Beautiful Day.


I was coming home on the bus today, daydreaming as usual, when I looked outside the window and saw the sky was bleeding in a wash of reds and oranges and yellows, this gorgeous profusion of rosy colors staining the heavens.

It looked like the world was on fire.

It looked like the angels had been taking a leaf out of the books of their darker brethren of the underworld and dabbled in a bit of arson.

It looked like…a pretty apocalypse.

This overwhelming sense of the beauty just welled up in my chest, until I felt those colors flicker and swirl within me, pooling around my heart, trickling into my muscles, like I was on fire, exquisite, fiery rapture.

A thousand gateways flew open inside the twisted crenellations of my brain, and a thousand thoughts flooded out. My mind felt smooth, liquid, brimming. I thought of rebirth and the phoenix. I thought of the Egyptians, seeing this same sunset, and proclaiming it to be the great Ra. I thought of death and blood, I thought of rubies, I thought of canoes on still waters basked in the reddish light, of birds flitting past the fiery expanse. But most of all, I did not think. I just felt. Experienced. I felt alive. It was wonderful.  

And then I turned away from the window and looked around.

Not one person on the bus had even noticed the fiery bacchanalia of the firmaments.

They were all on their phones. I’m not even kidding. Heads bent, hands clasped tightly around a lump of metal, earphones nestled in shell-cavities. Look! I wanted to scream. Look! It’s red! It’s orange! Oh, now it’s turning purple, it’s turning pink, OMYGOD, look, isn’t it freaking amazing?!

I wanted to cry. I know that sounds pretentious, but I so wanted them all to see, these worn out, bored souls back from a day of school or work, plugging into their daily dose of music and gaming and social networking. Forget your friend’s status page. The sky is wounded, it’s bleeding for you to see, see, see! I had had an awful day too, filled with people and bad treatment and noise and fear, but this sunset.

It changed it all. I felt light. I felt free. I felt good. Good. After days of gloominess, of having a big lump of not-rightness in my chest, the sunset made me feel good. And I wanted it so badly to make everyone else on the bus feel good. I wanted us to crow about the beauty of it together, applaud Mother’s Nature’s spectacle, and each return home with a smile in our hearts.

Instead, I stopped jiggling in my sunset, and watched it slowly fade away, into pinks, and then dark purples, and then to darkness.

And then the only lights left were the overhead lights, and the rectangular glows from the phones, lighting up the empty faces of the people on the bus.

PS: Photos don’t do sunsets justice. Pretty please, the next time you spy a beautiful sunset, will you bask in it for me? Or instead of staying glued to a screen (I do it as much as the next person), look outside the window as the day ends, and just feel it, okay? Just feel alive.


8 thoughts on “Hey, Have You Heard? It’s A Beautiful Day.

  1. This was beautiful. I feel the same about nature. I see people walking each morning. Not to hear the birds, not to look at the beauty of the sun but to get their daily dose of adrenaline from their morning run or walk. Their need to stay as thin as possible, and oh yes, they always have their phones out. Hate it. Wake up people! Thanks for this post.

  2. Is that picture of the sunset you wrote about or is it a random picture? It looks beautiful. I love sunsets too, but nowadays sunsets tend to remind me of a line from the Maroon 5 song Payphone (“even the sunsets in paradise”) and that gets me a little depressed :p

    • Oh, it’s a random picture. 😉 I did take a photo of it, but it wasn’t a very good one, so I just took one off the internet to convey the beauty of it better. I know, it is stunning.

  3. Okay. I don’t know how to say this, but I’ll say it, even if it is poorly written:

    Two days ago, I went to my email and saw that there was something wrong with my email, or your blog, because my email wasnt warning me when i received mails and then when I clicked on some  mails of “new post” to go to the site it was as if these posts didnt exist. But i could read them on my mail. I don’t know what happened to my mail or to your blog. But when I read those old mails about “new posts” that were already there in so long, I was really frustrated by not being able to do anything. I couldn’t write a comment because I couldn’t do much with a stupid and disorganized comment. That was so frustrating! 
    Like, I hope you don’t find this creepy, but it really affected me. Seriously… I wanted to do something but i couldn’t do anything and  I felt so useless and stuck and  desperate. But I had to do something. There is always, or almost always, another alternative. And then passed in my mind the image of me getting into an airplane. Me and my stupid and unrealistic ideas… I tried to just “feel”  to see if I could create a sort of some magocal connection to see if I could find some way to make you feel better, to tell you that I’m here. All these ideas were completely useless and stupid and I was becoming more and more frustrated.
    And then I “wished” that there was something that made you feel better. And then I asked. I asked God, I asked the universe, damn I felt so stupid and useless and small. I put my  head on the pillow and just stayed there nocking my head on the pillow. I was really frustrated. After i  forced myself to stop with the stupid ideas i started working in a comment that wasn’t going to be enough, but I couldn’t just sit there waiting for things to solve  magically. I had to try, even if the comment hadn’t  much importance. It was all I could do. The comment was horrible, so I decided it was better to try again another time. 

    And then I went to bed.  And spent another day that ended in an exceptional sunset. Beautiful. And It got me thinking. That sunset… It was like if  the sun was consoling me and saying “you did what you could.” And then came the night and I went home and went to sleep. When I turned on the phone this morning, I went to see if i had received any mail of “new post” from dreaming.living.loving. And there it was. It was about a sunset and was  published at 11:00  this morning , and it was about  a sunset. The sunset. The same sunset that I had been watching and feeling a few hours earlier, in another part of the world, sitting on the wall of the beach, facing the sun fading into the sea. The same sun. 
    I know that I don’t make the sun go around the Earth or anything, but when I saw that post, It made me  happy. I know it wasnt my fault that you saw the sunset, but,  like, It was like the sun  heard my thoughts or something and that it wasn’t just my desperate  imagination’s work. Maybe this happened because all people who felt this way  looked that same sunset that day and then it  got to you… I know it wasnt really what happened and I know things dont work this way but somehow it worked. Its a way to see it.
    I know this may not be more stupid than all my other ideas, but the truth is that it worked. I don’t know how it worked. I dont know if it actually worked but something happened. I don’t know if it was the Sun, if it was God, the universe, or whether it was just a random event in the middle of a random sequence of  random events, but i like to think that somehow it worked. And I’m happy with that. 

    And sorry for this long comment and horrible grammar. But i really wanted to tell you this. And sorry it came late. Is hard for me to write comments because i dont say what i want to say the way i want to say because i dont speak english very well and im still learning. And  i hope you dont think this comment  is creepy or something. It took me so long to write this that probably you have already gone to sleep and you’ll see this tomorrow… 
    And again sorry for horrible grammar. 

    I hope you feel happy today 🙂 

    • Oh. I don’t know what to say. Just. Something about your comment made me want to cry. It’s so lovely, I’m so flattered, I can’t even. I don’t know how to say it. But I know what you mean, those coincidences which we brush off as silly, such as the sunset, and yet can’t help lending some significant meaning. I don’t know. It was just a beautiful thought, and when I read it this morning (sorry I didn’t have the time then to reply sooner) right after I woke up, I was smiling through breakfast because of your comment. Thank you, you beautiful human being, I wish you a happy day too, as well as a happy existence. Truly.

  4. Intriguing experience which I can relate with. It reminds me of this video Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT6XCvDUUsU

    Sometimes we’re feeling so great about something that the emotion attained in the moment needs to expand beyond ourselves. So we feel this need to share these moments with someone else. But if we stop to thinking about it… most of the time an immeasurable amount of moments are passing by. In each “frame” of reality that go far beyond our capacity to realize happens incessantly. Atoms jiggling, sub atomic particles resonating among themselves, sunlight, arthropods climbing on the walls, people walking on the streets like ants, cars making noisy, a fuss about the electronic age. Here we are, fooling around our ignorance, spreading empty words and trying to convey the pure message that can’t be translate precisely into any vocabulary. For example, try to describe a sunset. As you said, it’s better to feel it. It’s better to observe it, to look directly at the dawn thing. The sensation can be imagined but the impact and vivacity of being there is irreplaceable. What is the Sun? It’s our source of life, literally our energy. Plants and all vegetation are capable to absorb the sunlight and transform it into energy through photosynthesis. Everything else that exists, and this include ourselves, do so thanks to the Earth’s vegetation. Also not less interesting are the clouds. They behave following fractal patterns. They dissipate, expand and disappear, precipitating as rain. What are the colors? Colors are fractions of the white light. The way the wavelengths of light are reflected and refracted in the objects makes an exchange of energy with them. And in this event, part of the energy is absorbed by the materials and another part come into our retinas. That’s why we see. Our brains process these information through neural channels at the same time. Another example, our brains do process colors and movement at different channels. And the brain combine them into a comprehensible conscious information. Fortunate for us! But what is the brain? Briefly, it’s flesh, blood and electrochemical activities. Even if this appears to be something dumb that take over the beauty of life, it’s also something that’s true. Personally, there is a kind of beauty in chemistry too. We just have to be more humble and goodwill to try to understand. Our senses do fool us, but that’s what they allow us to perceive. If there is any beauty at a higher layer of reality, so this is it. From all the spectrum of light that come into our eyes, just a little part of it, which is called visible light, is capable to interact with our eyes and the nervous system. All this magic moments are the ‘miracle’ of our perceptions. Metaphorically, I do like to say that we’re constantly struggling with vital resonance.

    Thank you for telling about your beautiful day.

    • Wow. This was pretty amazing. And I get what you mean. If you break down, it’s all just light and photons and whatnot, and it’s happening all the time, only we choose to perceive specific ‘jiggling atoms’ and call it beauty. I don’t know. It seems meaningless when you think about it that way, but at the same time, in the moment, it seems so full of meaning. Maybe that’s what they mean when they say that we have to create our own meaning, the way we create our own reality with our eyeballs, or how our eyeballs interpret the world. I don’t know if all that I just wrote made sense, but yeah. This was lovely, lovely. Thank you. It’s good to know someone else has these kinds of thoughts as well. Gosh. Yeah. It’s awesome that you exist.

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