Why Do So Many People Choose To Stay Dead?


“I only believe in intoxication and ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” – Anaïs Nin

Why is that so many people don’t seek their heart’s true passion?

It makes me wonder how they can live. How they can wake up in the morning, and face the bleak future of the day, without knowing what keeps their heart pumping.

You see miserable, passionless people everyday. They’re sad. They’re sad, and they don’t even know it. The sadness is buried deep beneath societal tokens of money, wealth, status, but they’re sad because they’re not doing what they love, not what they’re heart yearns for, not something that makes them want to dance and sing and cry.

Harsh as it sounds, if you’re not following your passion, or at the very least actively searching for your passion by dabbling in a variety of activities, you might as well die. Because you’re living a dead life. You’re a zombie in our midst, and we’ve got enough of those.

Look. In the end, it doesn’t matter if we live happy, fulfilling lives, or boring, unfulfilled lives trapped in a cubicle and watching television and eating junk food until our mind and stomachs and teeth rot. It doesn’t matter, in the full scheme of things. Human civilisation will end. You will end. Your consciousness will end. Every single book that has ever been written will one day be naught but dust. Naught but illegible scribbles on tree bark.

But it matters for you. It matters for you. All you’ve got is this one life. Why not live the best one that you can? Sure, it doesn’t matter, but if it doesn’t matter, doesn’t that make you feel all the more free to chase your dreams? If the choice is between something good and something bad, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose in the long run, why not choose the good? At least you’ll make yourself happy. At least you’ll make others happy, if you’re heart is in the right place.

All I’m saying is, don’t be one of those stone-heart people with listless eyes, who drag their body about their days as if it’s a flesh sack filled with bones. You’re more than that. You’ve got shining eyes and a soul and a heart. Why not let yourself shine? Sure, at the end of the day, the candle burns out, but, ah, what lovely light!

What lovely light.


7 thoughts on “Why Do So Many People Choose To Stay Dead?

  1. Sounds like you were writing this to yourself. I’ve read a few of your other posts. In a non literal sense, it’s like you are standing on the edge of cliff, and the bottom is a beautiful lake. You are nervous, afraid, and excited all at once. You want to jump, but you feel scared. You see others bite the bullet and they jump in. You gaze down and all you see are the biggest smiles as they surface from the water. What once was fear is now replaced by overwhelming joy. Then, there are those observing at the top of the cliff. They say they don’t want to jump, that they don’t mind just sitting up there, in their comfort zone. But it’s clear they really want to do.

    So now, you are stuck. You want to change your life, but deep down you fear change. Everybody had a dream once. Some are just brave enough to dive into what makes them feel alive. Time is never on our side. I don’t know how old you are, but whatever age, you must know the one solution to all existential problems. That solution is “action.” Funny enough, motivation comes after the fact. Things become clear when you start walking forward. They say follow our hearts, so why do we spend so much time in our heads? We analyze everything until we are frozen in fear & insecurity.

    If you are reading this, hear me out, a fellow INFP. I’ve been, and somewhat still am, in a similar situation like you. I have visions of where I want to take my life, the hard part is taking the practical steps to get there. I can ask for all the advice I want, but honestly the answers have always been in me. The day that I realized that the world will never make it easy on me and that I have to fight everyday to get to where I want, I became free. I hope I’m not preaching. But I just want you to know that every person in this world is fighting their own battle. There will be people that put up multiple walls right in front of your face, making life difficult for you. All I’m saying is you cannot let the first wall you see be the one you put up yourself. Jump in. Take the leap or you will join the rest of the world, despondent shells who die with potential in their heart. Be brave enough to risk everything for your dream, even if no one else sees it but you.

    I wrote this for you, but subconsciously, I’m taking this to heart myself. We’re all battlin’, little lady. We all fightin’ to get to that next level. Anyways, we’ll see you in the lake if you decide to jump. The water feels nice. We might have a bonfire when the sun goes down. Bring the marshmallows 🙂 Or, throw it down if you don’t want it. It’s your choice. It always has been your choice.

    • Wow. You have moved me with your words and opened my eyes to something I’ve been blind to all this time. I know you didn’t write this for me–or maybe you intended to write this for anyone who sees this, yourself included. Either way, I’m glad I stumbled across this comment because it makes me feel…better, in the sense that a fire of hope now flickers in my heart. As a fellow INFP, your words speak to me, for right now, I am peering into the depths of your soul. I’m reading what you have to say and it’s beautiful. Even though I have no idea who you are, you are BEAUTIFUL. Never stop writing, or preaching for that matter, because you’re talented and amazing and not at all just another clone. I think I’ve ranted enough, but I just had to reply to this comment because I love your words. I love the purity of your soul.

      • That was one of the kindest compliments I’ve ever received in my life. Seriously! I’m not even sure how to handle it haha. But really, thank you. You sound like a really great person to be around. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day! or night! Wherever you are….

    • That was beautiful.
      So beautiful.
      Thank you so much.
      You’re right. Lots of internal conflict going on, and I was expressing it through my blog without even consciously realizing it.
      It’s hard. But worth it, eh?
      Your words are honestly inspiring. Can I ask you what your dream is? Is it writing?

      • If you must know, writing isn’t necessarily my dream. I enjoy it, but I’ll leave it to the great writers in this world, like yourself, to spread your gift. But I do have a creative project I’m working on. It’s not ready to be released into the world yet though, but I’m excited. I’m in a band.

        I hope that one of these days, I can leave my day job behind, go on tour and travel the world. That is my dream. I want to meet people, I want to see places. But most of all, I want to inspire. To see the light in the faces of those who come to see us. We’ve felt this on a small level, but if this were to happen on a grand stage, I can’t imagine how happy we would feel. Music has given me the voice I never had. I owe my life to it. Whether my band makes it big or not, we’re happy to to be doing what we love. Things gets tough sometimes, but that’s life…..

        Just do what makes you feel alive. That’s it! Not what the world needs. Do what makes you feel alive! Find the work that makes you feel good about yourself. And find the right people to share your journey with. This is where the magic happens. I promise you. Anyways, good night. Or good morning. Whatever applies to you 🙂

  2. From my measly experience with the world (believe me, I don’t have much, since I’m pretty much a hermit), I think many people see chasing their dreams as immature, childish, and just plain foolish. Many of those same people see INFP’s in the same light.

    On another note, you once quoted “The War of Art”, I got it from the library and am reading it now. I also keep quotes I enjoy from books on index cards…I am halfway through the book and the index cards are quickly multiplying. Thank you!

    • Let them think of us as foolish.
      At least we will be happy fools.
      That is a wonderful book, glad I introduced it to you, but its words don’t linger – eventually, the procrastination sets back in. The War of Art, so to speak, is a personal fight. Right now, I’m running on internal motivation, but it’s still very, very hard, what with the internet and everything. Hope it works better for you!

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