Read This. Walk away. Breathe. Live. Try. Love. Try.

Perhaps my last post wasn’t the most positive start to the year.

So here is some constructive advice. Not just to have a good year, because, let’s face it, calendars and the measuring of time itself is a human construct, but to have a true life. One that is in alignment with the deepest you. The only life that should be lived. If you live otherwise, and go against the grain of your true being, unheeding of the voice within, you will live a waste of a life. There is a sadness in a life unlived that you cannot yet comprehend. Yes, nothing really matters, in the end, for all of this, all of everything, will come to an end. But you should squeeze as much joy as you can out of the dream you are dreaming right now. And you can only do that by being true. Being you.

1) Find what makes your heart sing. You’ve got to dedicate your life to some purpose that is higher than yourself, be it helping others, making the world a better place, the creation of art that will delight minds after you are dead. Without this, if you only seek after pleasures to make yourself comfortable and safe and “happy” during this existence, there will be an emptiness within you that no money or love or prestige can ever stopper.

2) Have tunnel vision. Do this thing that makes your heart sing, that makes you feel alive, everyday. Have a goal. Have a dream. Go for it. Sacrifice everything for it. It will be the sweetest success you’ll ever taste once you reach it. Sometimes, you might not feel like doing it. It may not reap short-term pleasure. Do it anyway, and feel your heart stitch and knit together within you. Let me repeat: without this, you will never feel truly whole. Some people don’t even realize there is a wholeness to be striven for, and content themselves with half-lives until their deathbed. Don’t be that person.

3) Take it moment by moment, day by day. The future does not exist. All you have is NOW. So. Do stuff that is fulfilling NOW. Change your life if it makes you sick NOW. Know that no-one on the planet cares if you’re sick, lonely, unhappy, unfulfilled. No-one cares if you die. Death is not the enemy. It is just a grand deadline that should motivate you to do the best you can NOW. Everyone is tired and scared and lonely. EVERYONE. We are orphans left out in the cold by the universe. We sleep in cold beds. The skies leer at us. Only you care about you, wholeheartedly. So make yourself happy. Do things that fulfil you. Hey. You might as well.

Existence and life and the world can be really SICK and SHITTY and STUPID and POINTLESS and RANDOM. But all we can do is keep breathing. All we can do is keep smiling. All we can do is keep trying. All we can do is keep living. All we can do is keep loving. We are here now, you are here now. Do your best. Life is a dream, yes, so make it a pleasant one, the kind that you wake up from stretching luxuriously with a big smile on your face. I’m young and I don’t know everything. You don’t have to listen to me. There is no obligation between you and I. I am simply putting my few jewels of wisdom out there. But I feel like all this is true. Seek beauty, creativity, fulfilment, love, starlight, wonder.

Breathe. You are alive. Breathe. It hurts, we all hurt, but breathe. Go on. Try.


4 thoughts on “Read This. Walk away. Breathe. Live. Try. Love. Try.

  1. Thank you for your words.

    I promised myself that I would write everyday but I’ve been kind of lazy lately. (I’m a huge procrastinator) Anyway, this post inspired me to write again and, I’ll have to admit, I wrote one of my best stories. Thank you so much! Although you may not know it, your heart, your soul, all your precious words, are changing lives all over the world. In the future, whenever I’m feeling too tired to do anything or I’m just lacking inspiration and my soul aches with emptiness, I will come back to this very post and I will read it and I will feel better. Because someone understands me.

    Seriously, though. I can’t express my gratitude towards you. You are so amazing and beautiful and…you’re right, words can be rather inadequate at times. Anyway, I hope you’re smiling while reading this, and I hope a wave of elation washes over you, because you deserve it.

    I love your soul. ♥ Never stop writing and sharing your muse. 🙂

    • Oh, your words are too lovely to even formulate a proper reply to. Thank you. I’m so glad you wrote a story you liked. That’s one of the best feelings in the world, I should imagine. You warmed every shred of my heart. ❤

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