INFP Conversations

Random Person: Why are you smiling?

Me: What? Oh. I just thought of something funny.

Random Person: Care to share?

Me: No. It’s an inside joke.

Random Person: Oh. With whom?

Me: As in, you know, inside my head.

Random Person: Ah.


Friend: You do realise that there’s a shortcut, right?

Me: (fascinated) Really?

Friend: Yes. It’s right next to the main road. Like, right next to it. In plain view. People go down that way all the time.

Me: Wow.

Friend: You’ve been walking this way for seven years.

Me: I know, I can’t believe I never noticed it before! Isn’t this exciting! It’s like discovering a secret pathway to some other world.

Friend: (shakes head)


Concerned relative: Um. Are you taking all of that?

Me: (throws a couple more books for luckΒ into the suitcase) Yep!

Concerned relative: (eyes the mound of books) You do realise it’s only a three day trip, right?

Me: Yep!

Extremely concerned relative: You’re not going to have any room left for clothes, or toiletries, or anything.

Me: I shall stitch together clothes out of the pages of books. Like the Paper Bag Princess. Is there anything better than readable clothing? I think not.


Me: He is my soul mate.

Friend: You don’t even know him.

Me: I have read the constellations in his eyes, and deciphered the galaxies of his heart. We are star-crossed lovers, destined to be as one in this lifetime.

Friend: (verging on hysterical exasperation) You’ve never even talked to him!

Me: (places a finger to her lips) Shh. Words are not needed when the heart has spoken, my dear.

Friend: Okay. Fine. So he’s your soul mate. When, exactly, are you going to have a conversation with him? You are going to have eventually, you know.

Me: (sighs dreamily) One day. When the stars align.

Friend: So, never, then.

Me: That is the most exquisite bird I have ever seen. Have you seen a more exquisite bird in your lifetime?


15 thoughts on “INFP Conversations

  1. I can never get over how relatable other UNFP’s are. It’s like finally realizing that not only are there others who think/do similar things, but they also get the weird reactions from there people. Too true.

  2. Haha!! I laugh out loud all the time for no “apparent” apparent reason to the “other” people around me, and of course they always ask what I’m laughing about, as if they’re concerned it actually has something to do with them. Other people just don’t understand. An Infp is always having some sort of conversation with their own self, in their head. My mind NEVER stops going!! It can be a blessing and a burden, at times.. haha..

  3. Yea people will avoid you when you think about something funny and laugh spontaneously, welcome to my life. At least my shell can keep me company.

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