What This INFP Thinks Of Marriage

So. I think. A lot. Sometimes too much, and to my own detriment, but we are not delving into that right now.

And lately, for some inexplicable reason, I have been dwelling a great deal on children and marriage, neither of which, being still rather young, are in the offing yet for me. This however did not stop me from staying awake for far longer than I should have, musing and envisioning. Continue reading What This INFP Thinks Of Marriage

New Short Story

Everything I write still makes me cringe to the point of agony, but I’m publishing it anyway. Of course, this is a blog, not a forum for critiquing or anything, but feel free to check it out, tell me what you liked about it or what you didn’t. This piece is one of the few based on the real world that I have ever written. The writing is far from perfect, but I hope the message can still shine through. Thanks.

https://strangeshortstoriesforyou.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/me-the-magpie-man/ Continue reading New Short Story

INFP Truths

When you are depressed, the rest of the human population suddenly morphs into more of an alien species than it already is. Smiles become oddities and laughter blasphemy. It is inconceivable that there are happy people in the world when you are mired in discontent. Continue reading INFP Truths

I Started A Short Story Blog

After much debate, I started a short story blog.

Putting my writing out there for people to read is a scary thing, especially since I often hate everything I write.

But everyone has to start somewhere.

Here is the website, if you’re interested: http://www.strangeshortstoriesforyou.wordpress.com Continue reading I Started A Short Story Blog