Loving Others & Loving Yourself


Who we are is so much more than our bodies, which are but skeletal structures sheathed in flesh and skin, our eyes and noses and lips and mouths. We are our brains, our hearts, our souls. Yet it is astounding how difficult people find differentiating between the two.

One of most important skills you can learn in life is to see beyond the flesh into the soul winking and animating the body like a hand thrust in a puppet. Some never learn this, going through life focused on the wrapping paper rather than gift, which is the same as smelling food but never eating it so as to stay thin. Others discover the skill early, igniting a lifelong fascination with people.

In every life, there comes a moment when you realise those around you are just as complex as you are, possessing just as vivid and varied worlds inside their heads as you do. That they are people, with their own dreams and ambitions. entirely separate from your own. This realisation brings a sort of peace: you realise to control people, unless you have monetary wealth in abundance, and sometimes not even then, is futile, and that even those who you thought you knew well can be full of surprises and idiosyncrasies.

Racism and any other form of discrimination based on the looks of a person is the lovechild of ignorance and superficiality, of a concentration on the wrapping paper rather than the gift. Deep down, everyone knows that people are more than how they look, yet so many pretend not to, either for the sake of convenience or perceived superiority. Though our modern society is more liberal than ever, there are still many barriers to equality to overcome, and if perhaps more people were made aware of this concept, that skin is just skin, flesh is just flesh, a treasure chest overlaying the true jewels within, we would treat each other better.

Of course, this is applicable to concept of self-love as well, which, for many women, is unfortunately centered on appearances. As a person who has struggled to accept herself, flaws and all, for many years, realising that I am more than the size of my waist or the lustre of my hair has been a breakthrough. When you are kind to yourself, and really see yourself, you are kinder to others.

In the end, it’s all about being aware of what actually matters: their personality, their values, their skills, their intelligence and creativity, their laughter and smiles. For we, each of us a tiny portion of the universe, are all beautiful, and are all equal. We may have been packaged in different colours and styles of wrapping paper during our time on the physical plane, but this is irrelevant to what exists on the inside, at the level of our souls. So open the gifts that other people are, enjoy the gift that you are, so, as one with life and the universe, we can celebrate together for all eternity.


4 thoughts on “Loving Others & Loving Yourself

  1. A beautiful but hard to practise truth. In the end we are all aliens to one another. But surely we will be able to love aliens nonetheless?

  2. i like this piece alot, well written and resounds throughtout my whole life experience.
    Thank you again

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