Why The World Is An Awful Place And What We Can Do About It


Reasons why the world is an awful place:

1. People are selfish. They would rather eat the entire cake themselves than give another hungry person a slice. They do this by either pretending the hungry person does not exist or that the hungry person is a bad person. This is sickening. For instance, a young, privileged woman might buy a designer purse when that same money could have fed an entire village on the other side of the world. Instead, the village people starve. This makes me sick. I don’t understand how millionaires can hold onto their fat bank accounts without feeling sick to their core when so many others in the world are suffering and in need.

2. People are mean because they are ignorant. We are all part of the great pool of consciousness; to help or hurt another is to help or hurt ourselves. Unfortunately, the majority of the human population is unable to realise this truth and merely waft through their days propelled by the insistent illusion of “I”. Which makes them mean, because they’re so focused on themselves and satisfying their own desires.

3. The world is unfair. It is so unfair. Some people get rich for doing very little while others work themselves to the bone just to get by. Some get sick; others are born healthy; some are born intellectually gifted; others are born mentally disabled. It’s not fair. It sucks.

4. Death happens at random. All those millions who died as part of the Holocaust – I’m sure if you asked them, just before they entered the writhing agony of the gas chambers, whether their life and imminent death had any great meaning, they would have only looked at you with empty eyes, an animal in pain. We squash a spider; the spider suffers, and then it’s gone. A dictator kills thousands of people; those people, like exterminated ants, suffer for a brief flash, then are gone, faded into the wash of time. The life of a human is equal to the life of an ant. We all sprout from universe, and we all return, like the contents of a simmering pot; and if some bubbles burst prematurely, well, it’s simply part of the cooking process.

5. The people who are meant to care for you might not care for you. My father left my mother destitute a year ago without a backward glance. Now, while he gallivants on holidays around the world, she spends her time scrubbing floors, saddled with the responsibility of feeding and looking after two daughters. The depth of my hatred for my father is unspeakable; yet, my story is not unique, it is not, considering the gamut of suffering experienced by humans throughout history, even that bad. As betrayals go, I’ve had it easy; one can only imagine the quiet anguish tearing through people’s hearts around the world this very moment.

6. Good people want to help others, but are less able. Is it not strange that kindness is often found among the poor, the weak, the disadvantaged rather than the rich, wealthy and privileged? If, for example, INFPs held most of the wealth in the world, I assure you that there would be far more resources being siphoned into charities and other non-profit organisations. Unfortunately, kindhearted people often tend to earn less as well: the kind of personality conducive to scaling up the corporate ladder, for example, isn’t of the most philanthropic sort. This sucks.

7. Writing down reasons why the world is a terrible place does not make it a less terrible place. Some people operate under the false belief that railing against the world and denouncing society makes them morally superior in some way, when in reality nothing could be less productive than complaining.

What we can do about it:

1. While we cannot control the actions and thoughts of others, we can control our own. We can work hard each day to make sure we are kind to others and lend a helping hand when one is needed. We can vibrate at a certain level of kindness and compassion which sends out positivity energy into the world. All we can do is work on the best person we can be, and hope that it makes a difference, no matter how small, no matter how discouraging the world is right outside our doorstep.

2.Give money to charities and people in need, if you are financially capable and if doing so will not compromise your own basic needs. Listen: objects are just objects. Buying another condo might be something personally gratifying for you, but do you really need it? Whereas on the other side of the world, there might be a few thousand refugees who need food and shelter who would benefit greatly from that same amount of money. Which is better: to buy a house, or to give so many people a life?

3. Whatever you do, DON’T kill yourself. It is tempting, I admit; I myself have burned in the crucible of suicidal thoughts, resurfacing a changed, and hopefully wiser, creature. Killing yourself is not a good reaction to a bad world, because it is pointless and useless. If you are dead, you can’t do anything. You can’t help anyone. Because you’re dead. Buried; in the dirt; with, at best, only a brief mention in the local news to commemorate your name. In other words, if you can’t live for yourself, live for others. Everyone can help someone in some way; everyone can make an impact on the world, in some way. There are people out there in the world who need you, whether it be your kind words or your art. The existence of other people is what makes life worth living.

4. If you are blessed with any particular talent or calling, any burning dream or desire, as long as it does not hurt others, cultivate and pursue it. Listen to your heart: if it glows with joy when you think of doing whatever it is you want to do, then chase that until the end of your days. As long as it comes from the heart, you will succeed. For me, it is about alleviating the suffering of daily life, mostly centered on my ability to manipulate words. For instance, I write to delight people, help them escape or feel less alone; and in the process, I do all these things for myself as well. I am also looking into becoming a life coach for people. Both of these things scare me, but I am doing it because it is what I need to do. What my particular sensibilities and skills are geared towards. What my soul reaches out for. The world needs what is inside you. The universe will help you unleash it, if only you have faith and work hard. Dream big.

5. There are good people in the world. Lots, in fact. Most of them are the quiet sort, who work behind the scenes, so you don’t see them very much. But they are there. Sometimes it’s good to remember that.

6. Love. Always love. Love everything, even the terribleness of the world, because if it all were perfect we would have nothing to strive for in life. Love yourself. Love your family, love strangers. Love the miracle of life and consciousness. Love your pain, love your joy. Love art. Love music. Love it all. Please. Love it all.

To summarise: Smile. Love. Live. Dream. Help others. Be nice. Keep positive. Don’t kill yourself. You are not powerless; you can do shit, you can help people, because you are alive and therefore have infinite potential, especially in this day and age where people can reach out to others with only a click of a button. Instead of wallowing in the horrible unfairness and cruelty you are faced with, take action and try to do something about it during your tiny life, so as to leave the world a little better, a little more comfortable, a little more interesting, a little more delightful, for you having been in it. Focus on this goal, and your life will always have meaning.




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