We All Want To Matter


We all want to matter. Quite desperately. In fact, it could be said to be a driving force behind so much of what we do: getting a job, chasing money and fame, working hard towards our dreams. We want people to care about us. We want the world to weep when we die, we want for people to want our presence, we want to be validated; it is one of the reasons why rejection or being ignored is so emotionally painful, as it undermines our entire being.

Of course, the unfortunate truth is that none of us matter – not in the sense that we want to be. Every second, people are dying on this planet, fading into the wash of time, who are neither remembered or cared for. Even those who are famous are afforded only a passing glance in people’s minds. Inherently, everyone can be rather selfish, focused purely on the individual experience of their consciousness. It doesn’t matter whether you are the richest or smartest or most beautiful creature beneath the sun: the plain fact is, we don’t matter to the majority of the planet.

Think about it. Millions died during the Holocaust – did they matter? Today, did anyone truly mourn for them? No. Life goes on, and it always will; this is simply a fact of nature. No-one cares for anyone, and no-one, in turn, is cared for themselves. Though there are people who do care to a certain extent, such as a kind stranger or your friends and family, no-one cares for you as much as you care for yourself.

Rather than view this as a point of misery, it should be seen as an opportunity for freedom. If it matters little whether you do this or that, whether you live the way you want or conform, whether you succeed or fail, what is truly stopping you from doing whatever that makes your happy and will, hopefully, gift the world with a few handfuls of your heart once you are mulch in the dirt also?

Yes. Very few people care about you. That’s okay, because that’s how it is for everyone. This should make you care all the more about yourself, and how you can unleash your talents and fulfil your internal purpose on this planet. In time, others will care for however you enriched their lives through your efforts, whether it be writing a book they enjoyed or helping to operate on their sick son or simply making them a good coffee early in the morning when they were cranky.

It’s simple. If you help yourself, you help others. You follow your heart, your dreams, create what you want to create, do what you want to do, and, when you do leave this planet, you can go with a smile, knowing you have done what should of have been done, said what should have been said, and lived a life true to yourself.

Forget about being an important figure in people’s minds; instead, treat your own life as a sacred object to be handled carefully and delicately, so you can die with no regrets. If you can do that, it won’t matter if you matter, anyway, because you are happy with yourself and the life you lived.

I wish you joy.


4 thoughts on “We All Want To Matter

    • Hi Alice, can’t talk right now as am in the middle of writing an emotional post – life gets us all, eventually, and I feel as if I can’t move on without this catharsis. I hope you can understand, my lovely dear friend, and don’t mind waiting a little. ❤ I sincerely hope you are well, or on your way towards feeling well, and that everything is getting slightly better with your parents. If not, hang in tight: it's okay. It truly is.

  1. Honestly? I dont know. Keep writing it matters most. I ll be here in case you want ot talk later. otherwise it is fine. thank you

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