Compass Girl: A Song For How INFPs Sometimes Deal With Love

Compass Girl


Take my hand

No let me go

Come on close

Please go away

Say Hello

Ignore you so



Make up your mind you say

Do you want me to stay


My heart says Yes

My actions say No

I’m made of poles

North South & West

A quirky compass

Yes I know that best

And you’re confused

And angry too

And I understand

But can you understand me

I’m just so scared

So very scared

And when I’m scared

I’m not brave

I’m not North and South that way


I don’t love you

No wait I do

I don’t like loving you

But I do

Wait maybe I don’t

Maybe it’s all in my head

So go away

Leave me alone


Chorus x1


Take my hand

Please take my hand

Come on close

Please come on close

I’ll say Hello

I’ll say Hello

And maybe we’ll talk…

…and maybe we won’t.

Click HERE to hear it.


6 thoughts on “Compass Girl: A Song For How INFPs Sometimes Deal With Love

  1. Don’t worry! You have a lovely voice— it kind of reminds me of the voice of the girls in those musicals (like in ‘the Sound of Music’, for example).
    I Iove your lyrics as well— I really relate to it as an INFP 😉

    • Thank you. 🙂 I’m glad you could relate – that was what I was aiming for, that other dreamers and INFPs and love-dodgers could feel less alone in their tumbles and bumps in life.

  2. I applaud your bravery for putting yourself out there. And I agree your voice reminds me of Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music. You captured very well the highs and lows of the INFP in love. 🙂

    • Thank you, I’m really happy you liked it. 🙂 Yes, it was a rather scary thing to do, but, I felt urged by the desire to touch other people who may have experienced the same thing, and that was stronger than my fear.

  3. Marvelous! Beautiful acting, you really mean what you sing. The lyrics got me thinking. The title Compass Girl plus the subject love gave the direct idea of love between a couple. But as the song goes on, I realized the contradiction of feelings, maybe implied by the oscillations in the realm of feelings suggesting different directions for the compass’s pointer. These different directions may appear to be contradictions at first sight (actually, listening), but I believe that by unraveling the layers of intentions and uncovering the truth underneath, it’s possible to contemplate the reasons behind rejection and the camouflage of flirting. Probably because the delayed hidden love is far more attractive (or tempting due to some psychological phenomena) than an open and direct declaration. Whoops, I can’t help but think about meaning.

    Keep singing! Your voice is very pleasant to listen, brings me peace of mind. Thanks!

    • Oh, thank you, I’m very glad you liked it, and for pointing out a complexity I was only really aware of subconsciously (as you can probably tell, this song is inspired by person and painful experience). Dreamers are said to be in love with the idea of love itself, rather than its reality, so perhaps, subconsciously, I desire the delay, and the hidden love, because it is more interesting and dramatic. Or, on my less optimistic days, I see it as self-sabotage.

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