Monsters In The Night: A Song

Monsters In The Night

Monsters Night

The moon is vanishing

Behind a twisted cloud

The sky and ground both fade

And I listen for the growls



Monsters come out in the night

Maybe we will stand and fight

Maybe we will cry and cry

Maybe we will die tonight


And you stroke my cheek

Fingers touching tears

Tell me it’s alright

Tell me we can fight

But we bleed more than blood

Secrets and our fears

Our bones don’t hold us up

We collapse into our teeth


Chorus x1


But I will be by your side

As the stars wink out one by one

Our hands will clutch bone to bone

Skeletons running home


Chorus x1

 If you want to hear the song:

Thank you for encouraging me when I posted my last song, “Compass Girl”. Singing for me is a very self-conscious act, so you really bolstered by strength with your encouraging words. I’m a fiction writer at heart, but occasionally the whims strikes to write a song. Usually a tune hits me out of nowhere, and I find the words tripping out from my tongue, in a delicate balancing act with the melody that has, also seemingly from nowhere, inveigled its way into my head. All creative acts may be just the brain forming multiple connections between disparate ideas, stringing them together into something new, but that does not detract from their wonder and beauty, nor lessen their healing powers. I’m not the best singer, I’m not the best songwriter, or the best tune-writer; I can hardly play any instrument if  you don’t count my voice; but I still wanted to continue sharing these songs that hit me out of nowhere, because I want to touch hearts, and I want to make people feel less alone, and sharing art and music and words is one of the best ways to do that.



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