A Footprint In The Sand

footprint in the sand

You died

And left

A footprint in the sand

I came to the beach


And saw

Your footprint in the sand

A footprint once made

By a live foot

Of muscles and sinew

And blood vessels twisted

Up to a thinking brain

That felt and hoped and screamed

A live foot like my live foot

Which is alive

In this moment

For me

Like yours was alive

In your moment

For you

And I stare at the footprint in the sand

Which you left when you lived

And which I look at

And ponder over

Because I live

With a heart and a brain and a body

Just as you did

And I press my foot down beside

Your footprint

And lift it back up to make a print

Two footprints side-by-side

Like a pair of feet

That could walk up into the sky

But instead will be washed ‘way by the sea

Like the other billion, trillion

Infinite footprints

Marking the beach

All made by once-live feet

Who all wished to walk into the sky

And I walk away now

Away from the sea

And away my footprint

Which will one day be

As it was for you

All that is left of me

And which shall one day be seen

By another

With a live foot


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