On Fear, Success, And Wishing Stars


Sometimes, some days, some nights, out of nowhere, my throat chokes up. My stomach heaves. The world, a moment ago bound by the walls of the room, balloons outwards; the sky is too wide, the streets are too long, the world is too big, too big, and I—

I am scared. Continue reading


Yes, You’re Going To Die and Rot In the Ground—So Here’s What You Should Do


I think it is healthy for the soul to visit a cemetery every now and then, just to remind yourself of the briefness of life.

Granted, it’s a macabre way to spend your Saturday afternoon, but it’s worth the perspective it brings. Better yet, for the less easily disturbed, watch a documentary on burials. Continue reading

You Are Miserable Because You Are Controlled


I figured it out.

Today, when I woke up this morning, I figured it out.

One of the main reasons why people in our society feel so miserable a great deal of the time is because we are not in control of our lives. Continue reading

INFPs: It’s Hard, But We’ll Be Okay

INFP woman

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With the way INFPs seem to dominate the Internet, popping up in hundreds on forums, on blogs, you could almost be led to believe that there are quite a lot of us out there, and we aren’t as rare as the studies say. Continue reading

O, The Miserable Reality Of Our Days


Is it just me, or is there, oh, I can barely explain it, it’s just one of those things that exist but you can’t express them because words are inadequate and in truth you’re not sure exactly what it is in the first place, only that it’s there, and awful, and ruining everything. Continue reading

When Everyone Seems To Have Their Place In The World, Except, Well, You


Perhaps it’s the warm summer evenings. Or the fact that I moved homes, and am still trying to find my footings, re-gain the familiarity that comes from living in the same place for an extended period of time. Or it could be just hormones. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is, recently, I’ve found myself growing more and more melancholy about, well, myself. And, well, life, and stuff. Continue reading

For Dreamers, Prescence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Ferris Wheels

As a rule, dreamers prefer to see the world, people and life, and, well, everything, really, through rose-coloured glasses. However, it would be more accurate to call them cracked rose-coloured glasses: though we are good at noticing, from afar the nitty-gritty details of the world, due to our idealism, our vision is often faulty and fractured when it comes to closer ground – namely, our own surroundings, and the people around us. Continue reading

To Trust Your Intuition – Or Other People?



To trust, or not to trust – that is the question.

You see, we live in a world that undervalues intuition, a world where, in most people, the inner compass that senses what feels “good” and what “feels” wrong has been dampened under so many layers of cultural, social and psychological imperatives that is has turned stiff and unmoving. Even when the needle quivers a little, here and there, its signals are ignored. Continue reading

10 Quick Tips From A Dreamer For When You Feel Bad


You feel bad. That’s it, really. Something happened, or sometimes nothing happened and you are just hurting, in pain, and you feel bad. You want to stop feeling bad, because it hurts. You don’t like feeling bad; it makes you want to scream, cry, and tear the universe in two. So here are some ways to stop feeling bad, and I am writing this because I feel bad and found some ways to cope with it and would like to share them. Continue reading