Please: Protect Yourself.


Today, I opened a bag of cheap bread ($0.75) that smelt like nail polish remover.

I am not joking.

Each slice, when brought close to the nose, emanated a strong, chemical whiff of the stuff. Most likely it was an overload of the usual preservatives placed in to the wheat flour mix. I dropped it into the bin, bag and all, disgusted.

The gist of it is this. This world is predominantly run by people without hearts, and often without brains, who do not have your best interests, as a complex, thinking being, at heart. They want your money. They want your time. They want you to consume, use, spend – and in the process, get sick doing so, die quicker doing so. That way, not only do you fatten up their wallets, you also help them to “cull” the human population, if only slowly.

Because of this over-consumption, which is partly due to human greed and partly due to advertising, the Earth is suffering, and we (and when I say “we” I refer to all of life) are suffering because every living creature is dependent upon the Earth for survival. Our rivers our poisoned, our food is poisoned, the very products you use everyday without a second thought contains poisons.

The government does not care about you. We can’t change the corporations. We can’t dislodge people from their positions of power. We can’t overturn the economic system that rewards exploitation. So all you and I can do, then, is to make sure that we protect ourselves. You can do this in many ways. At the core of all this advice is the idea of regressing to a simpler way of living, more natural and in tune with Earth, the way we were supposed to live, the conditions in which our bodies and minds were designed to flourish. It is about saving the Earth – and saving yourself.

  1. Cut out all processed food from your diet. All of it. If it didn’t come straight from the earth, you are not putting it in your mouth. Granted, you might not be always able to adhere to this principle; even I sometimes slip up, as in the case of being hungry and wanting a slice of toast. But you do not know, in the manufacturing process, what is really in your food – much of it is unhealthy chemicals, preservatives, colour, synthetic gloop conjured up in a scientist’s laboratory.
  1. Stop buying things. I am serious. Apart from food and extreme necessities (like toilet paper – and even then you could make your own cloth ones, cheaper and more sustainable; I would do so myself if my own family wasn’t so squeamish), do NOT buy anything. Yes, if your computer breaks down and you need it for work, buy a computer. But all extraneous goods – toys, jewelry, clothes, gadgets – stop buying them. It simply fuels the consumption cycle. My family has always lived without much money, and yet we’ve somehow accumulated enough clothes to last us the rest of our lifetime, some gifts, some bought while on sale. Do you really need it? No. You don’t.
  1. Stop using all manufactured products, including shampoos, skin creams, conditioner, toothpaste, perfume, make-up, etc. Look up on the internet: you can make some natural toothpaste by blending a combination of baking soda, sea salt and coconut oil. You can wash your hair with baking soda and white vinegar (I have done so for months, mostly to save money, but also for the health and environmental benefits). You do not need to smear yourself in these scented creams and coloured gunk. Chemicals seep into your skin, chemicals and other irritants flush down into waterways, plastic is used for the packaging – and who benefits? Only the corporations, who took your money, who hurt the environment, and who hurt you.
  1. Fluoride is not healthy. I am no scientist, but as only very low levels of fluoride are found in natural drinking water sources, and fluoride is something humans deliberately introduced into the water system, not to mention all the studies done showcasing fluoride to be a poison, it’s best not to consume it through your tap water. The best way to get rid of it is to use a filter like this one, which gets rid of fluoride:—P2.aspx. It’s expensive, and I can’t afford it myself, but if you can afford it, you should use it to cleanse your water of poisons. Water should be pure. For those of you unable to afford it, it’s best, in my experience, to boil the water. It won’t get rid of the toxins entirely, but I’ve noticed a marked difference in taste – tap water “tastes” noticeably chemical (trust your natural instincts as I did with the chemical-smelling bread) – so it must purify the water in some way. Trust your tongue. Trust your nose. Don’t blindly eat, or blindly drink.
  1. Stop driving cars. If you can walk to work or school, walk. If you can bike to work or school, bike. A slightly better alternative to cars is to catch the bus. The ridiculous thing is we are emitting all these emissions as people drive to work and school each day when most jobs are pointless – which I’ll go further into later on – and most of the learning done in school is pointless. Shuffling papers is not productive; memorizing facts is not learning. It is a horrendously stupid system, and it makes me horrendously angry.
  1. If possible, plant your own food. I can’t because I live in the city, in a unit, and will soon be moving to yet another unit. But if you have a garden, plant your own food. That way, you eliminate pesticides, chemicals, etc. My dream is to have my own little house with a little garden plot where I can plant carrots and potatoes and leafy greens and tomatoes, with a few fruit trees in the corner, to live on. At the moment I am still entirely reliant on supermarkets, and it will be quite a while before I am financially sufficient enough to buy any land, but if you are lucky to have a garden, then make use of it. It doesn’t take a great deal of effort. Even eating adding a few homegrown plants to your supermarket-bought produce is an improvement. (Wouldn’t you just live a little communal village of INFPs, where we all tend to gardens and read in the sunshine?)
  1. Find a job where your heart can be free. It’s not easy. We all need money to survive. If you can’t, then try and make your job a place where it benefits you – for example, if you are a writer, then leverage your work place to analyse the characters and psychologies of your co-workers. If you were a billionaire and would still spend your time the way you do now, then you are doing something right. Most of the jobs in society are bullshit – even the nice-sounding ones, like “doctors” or “psychiatrists”. The truth is, and excuse my language, most medical practitioners don’t know shit. They’re just regurgitating textbooks in their everyday practices. They’re just there to help you “feel better” for having seen a “professional” and to fuel the pharmaceutical industry. The entirety of society is made of jobs that exist just to keep people busy. Busy people mean less laziness, less crime. That is why we still have 40 hour work weeks even though technology has progressed to a point where we could theoretically work less and still satisfy all society’s needs. So do not allow yourself to be another cog in the mechanism. Fight to earn a living, or live in a way, that makes you feel happy, fulfilled, in a way that feels true to yourself. Personally, I don’t care how hard it gets, how little I have. As long as I am not homeless – which would mean being unable to read or write – I am fine. You fight for your dreams, do what you want to create beauty in the world, and do not let society monopolize your time. Time is life. When someone has control over how you spend your time, they have control over your life. They control and own you.
  1. It’s best not to turn to pills for common ailments. When you have a fever, allow it to break out naturally; when you have a cold, heal without taking any medicine or letting any chemicals enter your body. Your body knows how to heal itself. It doesn’t need all these white pills and chemical-tasting fluids. Medication for mental illnesses like anxiety are also scams. They do nothing except fill a CEO’s pockets somewhere while degrading your body in the process. These days, I am starting to feel as though anxiety is a natural reaction to living in so unhealthy a society, and it’s only affecting me so severely because I have a more sensitive nervous system. Humans aren’t meant to live in cities. We are meant to live in places where there is plenty of grass and sunshine, and it is quiet and peaceful. Anxiety and depression should not be suppressed using medication – they should be listened to; all pain, be it mental or physical, is an indicator of something being wrong.
  1. Do not watch any advertisements or Hollywood films or the News. For one, they are filled with junk and are time wasters. You’d be better of watching meaningful animated films like those by Miyazaki, or reading books. For another, they do brainwash you, through their lack of racial diversity, through their fear-mongering, using images and actors to change the way you view the world. If you want to be in control of your mind, and see reality for what it truly is – the world outside your doorstep – then stop plugging into these sources of information.
  1. Use your all electrical gadgets, such as phones and laptops, sparingly. They’re not good for your eyesight – and the waves they emit are not that great for your body, though scientists can analyse away for decades and probably never come up with anything conclusive. Remember: keep your life as natural as possible.
  1. Love yourself. You are beautiful, you are unique, even if you don’t see yourself on the screens, even if all the advertisements want you to be something different – that’s because they want you to buy their products in the hopes that they’ll change you. Don’t. To love yourself in a world that tries to make you think you are never enough is the greatest rebellion.
  1. Be positive. Media likes to breed fear – because if the population is scared, then they’re less likely to act out of hand and be easier to control, and they’re also more likely to consume to make themselves feel better, which is good for the economy and for corporations. Fill your life with positivity, kindness and love – not cruelty, hate, negativity. Sometimes, that can be hard. But always remember purity, beauty, sunshine, flowers, lovely things, beautiful things, love. Never let the darkness win.

My dream would be to create a communal village of kind and caring and environmentally-conscious people. We would subsist on the simple foods we grow, take our water from a stream, have a little house filled with books like our own library, spend our days playing with animals and writing and reading in the sunshine. In all likelihood, that will never happen. Sometimes, there are forces greater than ourselves which we must bow to – but we must never give up in carving out worlds for ourselves, worlds of happiness and kindness.

You know what holds power in this world? Money. It’s a game, a system. So we should either try and save up as much money as possible to build the lives we want, or try and build the lives we want in the framework of society without having very much money at all. In the end, it comes down to making sure you are free. Free to eat natural foods, drink pure water. The freedom to be healthy and happy. The freedom to spend your time in a way that makes you feel as though you are flowing with the current of life rather than fighting against it. But the first step starts with disengaging from the lies society has drilled into your heads, and gaining freedom by changing your thoughts, habits and actions. The change starts with you. The population holds the power in terms of sheer numbers. The more kind and aware people there are in the world, the better a place it will be. This is what is true: the blood in your veins, literature, art, human creativity, love, friendship, joy, smiles, grass, trees, sunshine, animals, the imagination. Always remember what is real and true, and hold onto it.

I won’t be buying bread again.

Stop buying their bread. Stop buying their bread.



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