A Dreamer’s Ideal Society

book shelves.jpg

I think our societies speckled all over the globe are not doing very well at the moment, and therefore, as a member of the human species, I would like to propose a few small changes. I have been working on these for quite some time, and I hope you will like them—and perhaps, if you find them especially agreeable, you would consider mailing this little piece of mine to whatever leader governs your society wherever you live, just on the off chance they might consider implementing some of my, um, little changes. Right-o, then. Let’s begin.

I think, in every city, every country, great, enormous libraries should be built every couple of streets down the block, filled with books, every book imaginable. And inside those libraries there should be bedrooms, with locks, where people can stay and read in private, and sleep, and other rooms where they can mingle and eat together, and read, spending the rest of the time, in the moments between when they’re reading, pursuing their interests, like writing or hopscotch, or singing.

Behind each of the libraries there should be large farms, the kind with paddocks and grass, and vegetable patches, where enough food is grown and produced to feed everyone who lives in the library. Everyone pitches in to help with the growing and gathering of food, and with tending to the farm animals, as well as preparing the meals. Water can be drawn from nearby wells, drilled deep into the ground, and collected in special tanks when it rains, and a lake or two nearby, filled with very pure and clean water (because all cars will have been banned, and people walk everywhere to go to places) can be used for washing one’s clothes and swimming and bathing. Cats are to be mandatory fixtures in such a library, padding in and out between the shelves and dozing on very large, red armchairs.

In such a society, one based around the library itself, a sort of literary nexus, there is no need for money, as everything, from duties to clothes to utilities, will be shared, and people spend their days reading, filling their little brains up with knowledge and fun, and engaged in activities such as writing more books, which will help the community, or cooking or cleaning, or inventing things to make life easier and more interesting. Solar panels adorn the roofs of the libraries, providing for all electricity and energy needs (yes, the people will use electric stoves, so no trees need be cut down). To communicate with people living in other library-communes, pigeons shall be used, because it is much more fun and interesting to get a message attached to a pigeon’s legs rather than receive it through the internet, or a postbox. Children will play, lambs will frolic across the grasses, butterflies will flit and flutter, and when the suns ets, everyone either tucks into bed, with books in their laps, or gathers around to toast marshmallows and sing songs under the sun, with their loved ones all around them, experiencing every moment of life with happiness and joy.

That is not to say people will spend their days in idleness—oh, no, certainly not. While each and every person is given plenty of recreational time, with which they are free to do as they please, provided their activities did not disturb or hurt other people or cause any harm or destruction, they are still obligated to work for the community by spending time exploiting their talents to the fullest, whether they lie in astronomy or finger puppetry. These libraries will, in essence, be bonanzas of creativity and imagination and thinking, where human potential, in its various forms, will be developed to their fullest against an idyllic, kitsch and pollution-free backdrop.

This might not seem altogether realistic enough to some of you, but I guarantee that, in many ways, it would be much better than the society we have today, where human potential is squandered by the hour as people are forced to work pointless jobs just to get some higher numbers in their bank account, and when the important people==the farmers, the plumbers, and so forth—get paid far less than the less important, and frankly unnecessary people, like CEOs of plastic toy companies and counsellors who charge you exorbitant hourly amounts just to hear you talk about yourself. In the meantime, I’ll keep this little model of mine tucked away in my heart, and one day, if society progresses enough, I will whip it out, for all to see and gaze upon, and everyone shall love and applaud my genius at coming up with such a scheme. Now, if you’ll excuse me—I have a couple more fantasies waiting for me to get back to them.



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