Ways the World Could Be A Better Place For INFPs


INFPs should have their own island. There, I said it, but it’s true: I sincerely believe that placing all INFPs on a particular island somewhere, preferably a place abundant in fresh springs and fruits, would be a good idea. So much of the world is industrialised these days, cities filled with bustling and busy people, that the entire planet has almost become a place difficult for INFPs to live on. A quiet island somewhere, a quiet retreat, dotted with clusters of libraries and crawling with cats, would be the perfect place for INFPs to live and flourish, for endless golden days.

Basic universal income should be introduced, whereby everyone is given just enough to live on—the barest minimum—so that way, artistic and creative people, as INFPs often are, can chase their dreams of becoming artists and writers without getting worried they’ll end up on the streets. Introducing a basic universal income will take the stress of money out of life for INFPs, who want very little in terms of material goods, and give us the time and opportunity to flourish in our own quiet and simple ways, without the threat of homelessness or unemployment hanging over us everyday simply because of the way we are—introverted daydreamers aren’t very hot on the job market—or our career aspirations.

The world would be a better place for INFPs if INFPs actually had their own “group” and “leader”, the way some political parties have their own leaders. Working together as  a team, we could advocate  for things for INFPs, such as the construction of quieter libraries, or a lack of discrimination towards introverted daydreamers when it comes to jobs. It would be almost like having your own family, except the famiy would be made up of thousands of other people who are INFPs but strangers, a kind of support network that I imagine would surely be very useful and comforting for many INFPs living in the world today.

Another good idea, as an alternative to the island, is to set up lots of INFP centres around the place, in every country on the globe. These would be safe havens for INFPS, filled with books, cats and other INFPs, for INFPs to go to when their home or work life in the modern world is getting unbearable (as it often does). Entry would require the applicant to fill in a Myers-Brigg test and have it turn out to be INFP, as well as the gauging of the prospective applicant’s personality  by various members of the faculty, and free food and water would be provided, just enough for a person to live on, and here INFPs, in the company of other dreamers, and plenty of books, movies and animals, pillows and dreamcatchers and comfort, would be able to rewind and recover. Everyone needs a refuge, and I can imagine little more perfect than official refuges for INFPs all over the world.


10 thoughts on “Ways the World Could Be A Better Place For INFPs

  1. That sounds like heaven. But why exclude other people just because their mbti results are not the same as ours? People are more than these labels… We need a refuge for all kinds of dreamers, and “Imagine” would be our anthem.

    “You may say, I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one”

  2. Myers-Brigg test catches a lot about me but I still doubt whether I should attribute my qualities to my type. While I am stunned to see what is in my mind in words in the INFP page, I can’t stop thinking that I am taking this unnecessarily too far. Nobody around me cares about their type or reads about it. Only me myself is doing it and I happened to be the one who introduced the test to my class. I took notes of their types and I look ENFJs in a different sense now, after all I have the potential to like them and it IS true, I like them. But I think I do wrong in some part. It isn’t probably about the test but maybe about the difficulty I’m experiencing while exploring myself as a humanbeing and solving the puzzles of my existence.

    About the ideal INFP world, if I happen to be in a place full of people like me, I would probably compete with the other fellow INFPs and feel so jealous that I can’t focus on my own life. I wouldn’t feel ‘special’ which is the best friend of that bitter pain of loneliness. Pain is special.
    It isn’t a nice world as it is now but what I’d wish is not the world to change for me, but that I come across with the right people and right opportunities that I can jump in.
    It is about me, my mind, my luck, my will… ow.
    Oh it’s hard. Okay, let’s build that wonderland, enough of my realism.

    • Oh, but I do understand where you are coming from—sometimes, we do like to nurse our own pain as if it makes us special—but I do believe that, in reality, if INFPs really did have such meeting places, we would get along quite well, if a bit shyly at first, and everything would be perfectly wonderful. Then again, that just might be my own idealism talking!

  3. I started following your blog last year and you stopped writing right after I followed, so I’ve been checking back every few months and was so happy to see this today! I am sorry you have been suffering- it’s hard to be a quiet dreamer. I love your island for INFP :). You are the only blog I follow, and I love your writing style. I hope you know you are wonderfully talented and I know you will go far. You are lovely.

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