20 Habits of INFPs


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  1. Taking different routes to places because they feel more “unique” and “exciting”, like following fairy trails or something like that.
  2. Always trying very hard to focus on the other person and their face when speaking to them, in case we look like we are bored and are daydreaming, as we often are.
  3. Unable to resist the urge to try and befriend cats, and always getting disappointed when they turn out to be wild, feline creatures who do not warm up to us as much as they should.
  4. Falling in love with someone from afar. That’s it. There’s no plot twist, no ending: the only thing that happens in this love story is that the young woman or man pines beneath the balcony forever, while everyone else happily goes on with their lives, including the object of their affection.
  5. Wanting to be a writer but unable to realise this dream completely because of one’s scatterbrained nature or the reality of earning an income in this world.
  6. Scrolling through career options late into the night for the same careers or jobs—childcare worker, nurse, and other “caring” careers—just to reassure yourself that you do have some utility in this world despite your daydreamy nature.
  7. Feeling an urge to drop everything and escape to a farm somewhere and never letting this urge become a reality. Because INFPs, in case you haven’t noticed, are not good with reality.
  8. Wanting to escape into fictional worlds and lives for all eternity so the realities of life, such as earning a living in this world, never have to be faced.
  9. Feeling so lost in life in terms of career options you could scream, because it seems you were born for nothing more than sitting around in meadows, picking flowers and philosophising on the meaning of life. Unfortunately for us, no-one in their right mind would pay someone to do that.
  10. Making a decision to eat only organic and healthy food because that way one is more “in balance” with nature, but then giving it up because junk food is too tempting and you get too depressed not to rely on it sometimes.
  11. Contemplating, after realising how limited one’s career options are and how most of the ones INFPs seem suited for pay not very much at all, how bad would homelessness be, really, I mean, as long as you’re not starving it can’t be too bad, right?
  12. Wishing you were born into a different family, one that was able to nurture your sensitive, creative nature instead of trampling all over it, or worse, ignoring your “special needs” as an INFP offspring.
  13. Being unable to find things. Period. I don’t know about you, but there seriously must be an invisible wormhole following me around for much of my days, because that’s the only plausible reason I can give for losing everything I own.
  14. Gazing wistfully at other people and their lives and wondering how they manage to have it all together so well, so perfectly- poised and comfortable and happy. I can’t remember the last time I was utterly comfortable and happy in this world.
  15. Watching episodes of your favourite TV show instead of doing more important things, like chores. Actually, scratch that—reading books instead of doing chores, because reading is a much more pleasurable activity than pretty much anything else.
  16. Completing chores improperly. What do you mean, the dishes are still a little greasy? And that spot on the floor, I missed it? Well, I must have been thinking of something else.
  17. Getting lost when you go to new places and panicking to no end because when you get lost, you feel like you’ve fallen off the edge of the Earth and will never find your way home again.
  18. Rescuing tiny creatures, like slugs or ants, saving them from being flushed down the drain or drowning in a puddle of water. Because you care.
  19. Always being the friend who supports/admires/helps/compliments the other louder and more rambunctious friend, while silently daydreaming and writing on the side whenever you think the other friend isn’t looking.
  20. Having a long list of coping mechanisms for dealing with the realities of life—such as writing lists like these, eating junk food, and watching various movies—that do nothing whatsoever to help you to deal with the realities of life.

26 thoughts on “20 Habits of INFPs

  1. I can relate to just about all of these, but #6 hit me hard. It’s unfortunate that we have to justify our “daydreamy nature,” as you put it, by reassuring both others and ourselves that it will amount to a decent career instead of just appreciating our INFPish gifts!

  2. Focusing during dialogue? It’s sooo hard for me to follow and really listen the other person thoroughly. It’s extra difficult if it’s a group talk. Even if I put some conscious effort, somehow, again unconsciously or maybe through a psychological mechanism, either I go blank or I worry too much about -what you’ve said- MY own body language and words which leads to an oblivion to the message, joy, connection of the conversation; all of which I should be percieving. Sometimes, I can’t even follow the instructions simply because I am unable to listen well. How are the conversations with you? -everyone, please feel free to share a thought cause I’m bitterly suffering from this-

  3. INFP here and I can relate to 95% of this list. #1, not so much. The others, most definitely. I’m currently battling “what I want to do for a living” vs. ‘what I have to do ” depression.

  4. Wtf.. are you sitting in my brain or what?? Why its all about me o.o thats creepy,tho…after all good to know that there are other weirdoes like me out there 😉

  5. Oh. My. WORD. I am laughing so hard because every single one of these is true!!!!! You captured it perfectly! !!!!!!! I’m not alone ….

  6. This is so true.. I thought I was the only who is behaving like this .I thought I am the worst person ever in this world having these traits in myself , sorry for grammatical error , I hope I could do everything I wanted.

  7. Why are all of these so true?? There really is a personality for crazy, I guess. I thought it was just me. LOL
    #2- Every time. I’m like, “Maybe…” And then the inevitable, “Nah.”
    #12- All my life.
    #’s 15 & 20- I’m doing that right now, actually.
    #17- I used to absolutely FREAK. OUT. whenever I got lost. I’ve gotten much more capable in my 30’s, but my gosh, I will never forget feeling like I would never get home again. Sheesh.

  8. This is complete baloney. I consistently test as INFP and I am nothing like this drippy, ineffectual person described. I get more done in a day than the next ten people combined, have never had any identity or career confusion, listen and comprehend fully in every interaction, and you will NEVER find grease on my dishes. Honestly, these constant descriptions of my type as an air headed ineffectual dreamer are getting insulting.

    • Sorry. I sincerely apologise for contributing to posts about “drippy, ineffectual” INFPs. However, I must point out that a great deal of INFPs, including myself, do relate to these things, and perhaps, even though we are all INFPs, some of us are a little less scatter-brained than others, as you are so clearly an example of. I wish you the best.

  9. Wow. Yes, I would rather read than pretty much anything. And no, it is not just cats. It’s any animal. Usually, because they are so much more relatable than people. They are the “underdogs” I want to help.

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