The Reality Of Depression


Well. The depression has returned. It came back three days ago, and I have a feeling the beast will be staying for a long while this time, biding its time, sitting on my chest like an unwelcome dog. I haven’t slept in three days, and feel like hell. Even the slightest, tiniest of tasks, like sipping a bit of water from a cup, or relieving my bladder, takes a monumental effort; I’ve got heart palpitations from anxiety, and nausea and dizziness to boot. Nothing I write is the least bit good, and my writing dreams are dust. When I get like this, I see nothing—no future, no past, no present, just endless pain and misery, for eternity.

There’s no hope. Granted, I’m not suicidal yet, I don’t have any plans to kill myself, but it is likely I’ll be hospitalised before the week is out if my mood keeps up. I’m just sick and tired of everything. Sick and tired of writing and never getting anywhere with it. Of staying home, and feeling like I have no future, no career, no hopes or dreams, nothing to look forward to or be happy about. Everything is colourless and dull; there’s nothing more depressing than the world outside, with its cars trundling down the streets, the empty pavements, the grey leaden sky, the people on the buses and trains, living in their own separate houses. Every word I write is a barbed thorn, digging into my flesh. Depression isn’t anything to laugh at; it’s black, it’s dark and all-consuming. It is the lack of hope itself, the world become a pencil-drawing instead of a rich, colourful canvas. I can’t remember the last time I was truly happy.

When I get particularly depressed, as I am now, a dark, thick self-loathing overtakes my mind and body completely. I can’t look inside mirrors, and every word I say, every movement I make, is pathetic and disgusting. I can’t stand being alive. I can’t stand my own presence. All I want to do is lie down, in a dark room, take a few hundred pills, and go to sleep forever, so I will no longer have to bear reality and all its sharp edges. I want to step out of my body, shed it like a butterfly does it chrysalis, and flutter away on angels’ wings to heaven, to somewhere pleasant, without pain or fear or despair. When I get depressed, I wish I had never been born.

I really feel quite ill. The only purpose of this post is to shed some light on the reality of depression. I feel sick and nauseous, deep down to my very core; the lymph nodes at my neck are all tender and swollen, and I can’t breathe, as if there’s a pillow clamped to my chest. I have a pretty good idea for a book, but not the writing skills to bring it to execution, and I cannot help but feel that my dream of becoming a writer is out of reach for good. When I get depressed, everything is irritating and unbearable; the light of the sun, my family’s attempts to speak to me; all books and films become boring and banal. .

Whenever I get depressed, I wonder how it is that everyone else can remain so happy and calm, and go about their days with such faith and motivation. Why is it that only some people have demons? What makes one person more susceptible to the blues than someone else? It doesn’t make any sense, and I am full of jealousy towards those who live their lives happily, untroubled and carefree, because it seems to be a state I can never attain.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep this no-sleeping business up. Twice, I have run through my head suicidal methods—there’s pills I’ve been taking for depression, paracetamol in the drawers in the kitchen, which I can overdose on, and close to where I live a bridge that overlooks a reservoir of water which I can jump off from if I need to. It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t depressed why I would want to take such a drastic step. I’m still afraid of doing it so far, but some part of me wants to do it, desperately, because I can’t stand being myself, being conscious and existing, for a moment longer. Life has become unbearable; it’s as though someone has crammed a lump of something disgusting into my mouth, and I want to spit it out—by which I mean, kill myself. I do sincerely wish I had never been born. I wish I could return to a better place, to my childhood, when everything was fun and exciting. I’m lost in life, and I don’t know who I am, or where I am going; I want to find satisfaction, contentment, happiness, but all these things seem as out of reach as the sun, and instead of smiling all I feel like doing is throwing up.



5 thoughts on “The Reality Of Depression

  1. I want to be honest with you because you are a genuine person.

    Recently, each time you post something, I read through it, and feel an enormous shadow descending over me. I read your words, and want so desperately to help you. But we are on opposite ends of the globe, and I’m a minor without a card so I cannot donate to help you and your family, and I lack the written command to “inspire” you out of destructive feeling. But I’ll keep trying.

    I hate saying it, because I’m a denier. I’m suicidal. I’m “depressed.” I have my own plan tucked away in my mind, everything planned down to the how, the date, location, and exact minute of when I’ve planned to kill myself. I’ve had this plan for months. I’ve made multiple attempts to suffocate myself, unplanned. Sickening.

    But I’m not going to do it. As much as I know that I’ll feel this way for, well, forever, I will not do it. Why? Because once upon a time, I scrolled through some person’s blog post, someone I have belief in and trust in, someone that does not know me, but that I know very well, who wrote something along the lines of, “Whatever you do, do not kill yourself.”

    So. I simply decided that no matter what, I would follow that piece of advice (it was not so simple as saying it, of course). On top of that, I’ve made attempts towards accepting my “depression.” I despise believing this, but people like us may always be “depressed.” Because we’ll never be satisfied. I accept that. I hate it, but it’s there, and life is beautiful, and its what you make of it. I know that tonight before I go to sleep I will spend a good hour sobbing on my hallway floor, like I do every night, and when I wake up in the morning, I’ll think, “Here we go again.” But I’ve accepted it, and I live with it. I consider myself to be a functional human being. I give myself tough-love. Because I know I’ll be stuck in this mentality forever, and what good is wallowing in it when there’s no hope anyway?

    I get it. You’re definitely not as functional as I am at the moment. I cannot persuade you to “look at the bright side,” or “accept your depression.” I cannot help you at all. It pains me. Dreamer, I really cannot help you. I doubt that any of us can. But we will try, and try, and try, and the day your post appears titled something along the lines of, “The World Is Sh*t, But I’m Here To Stay,” will truly be one of the happiest days of my life.

    Despite all this, I will try—again—to offer you some advice. Give yourself a slap across the face and take a look back at your writing. You will make it. Your words are gold. There’s no denying it. You have to put yourself out there. You have to write. Keep writing. Writing is freedom. Even if it’s one sentence per day, make it happen.

    • Thank you for this. I will do it, like you said, even if it’s just one sentence a day. Somehow, I will pull through this. Your words did help me (and financially, we are doing alright at the moment, we’re not going to be homeless anytime soon, so it’s all good).

  2. I truly empathize with you. I think existential depression is the worst kind of depression. Such a heavy darkness and obsession with the void. I said to a therapist last year “Sometimes I feel that everything good and positive isn’t reality, all that is real is the darkness and the void.” She looked a little appalled honestly and made me repeat it out loud and listen to myself. Ever since repeating those words out loud I try hard to remember how ridiculous it sounded an that the darkness is real, but so is the light, and everything in between. I tell myself the cliche “this too shall pass.” I don’t take suicide off the table, but as a future last resort. I made a list of my favorite things that helps when I’m depressed, to remember what I would miss if I wasn’t alive, ex: Cats, birds, flowers, trees, cricket songs, honeybees.. etc. I guess I’m just sharing experience, and I can’t think of the right words to empathize and wish you well, but simply and honestly hope you feel better.

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