Diary Entry 5


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Well, it’s the second day of depression, and I haven’t jumped off a bridge or taken any medication, so that’s good. I am still feeling quite apathetic about everything. It’s as if nothing interests me anymore, and everything is boring.  Even the words I am typing right now take a tremendous deal of effort. Everything is painful, and difficult.

I’ve never really felt like I’ve belonged anywhere before. I never had a group of friends, or people who I could hang out with and feel good around. Because I’m depressed, even as I write this, I feel the urge to stop and just lie on my bed and waste away the hours, but I’m not going to do that because it’s not good for my mental health. The urge to kill myself is getting very strong, though I’m still afraid to act on it so it’s likely I won’t be hospitalised any time soon. What was I talking about? Oh, yes. The point, again, by the way, of these diary entries, is for you, dear reader, to feel as though I am sitting with you, and having a conversation. Likely it will be a very boring sort of conversation, with a very sad and melancholy sort of person, but I hope, if you are feeling lonely yourself, or perhaps just might be interested in what I have to say, will glean some comfort or hope from my words. I’ve always been pretty much a loner. It’s strange. I just can’t seem to properly connect with people. Whenever I meet someone and speak to them, we only talk of trivialities, and there’s no deeper connection between us, no spark. I don’t think I’ve met someone ever in life with whom I’ve had an abiding connection with, a sense that we perhaps met in another life, or something like that, and have known each other before. I feel very lonely.

And it’s more than loneliness. I feel alone in my view of life and the world, which is a very bleak one. I don’t know what it is that keeps other people getting out of bed in the morning and living their lives, it’s incomprehensible to me, because everything in the world, when you are depressed, seems so pointless and meaningless. Other people live, laugh, work, eat, breathe, have families, go on holidays, and I feel myself to be entirely removed from that sphere of life, standing on the outskirts and looking in through the window. My greatest fear is that I will live a boring life, doing nothing very much in particular except working, never get married, never be a part of the normal flow of things, and then die, childless and unloved, of old age, in hospital, of cancer or heart failure. I can’t exactly explain it—but I always feel like I’m standing on the outside, looking at other people and their lives, and seeing how wonderful or at least satisfying their lives are, while I am completely lost, on my own, filled with insecurities and loneliness. I don’t know where I fit in. When I look at nature, at trees and grass, at the sky, I see only mindless apathy, an indifference beyond belief.


I’m also going through a pretty bad creative slump, and am so tired from lack of sleep for several nights glands inside my neck have swollen up and are very tender and painful. Really, do read this just to feel better about yourself, because all this post is is a litany of complaints on my part. I am going through a major creative slump when it comes to my writing. Normally I have a wealth of ideas—a while ago, I did—but now, the river of inspiration has run completely dry and I am left beached on the dry banks, heaving and spluttering. Writing isn’t an easy job, but it’s never been this bad before, and I am afraid I will never achieve my writing dreams. Granted, I am only nineteen, but that makes no difference; I’m too impatient and overeager, and wish I could snap my fingers to improve my writing prowess, just like that. Okay, now, just then, I felt another powerful urge to stop writing this blog post. To just give up. That’s what depression wants you to do, to relinquish everything and give yourself over to nothingness. I won’t. I will stand strong, and firm. I know I have what it takes to write a good book, but it’ll just take a great deal of time and effort, maybe even years of hard work. But I’ll get there eventually. I think in life it’s very important to follow your heart and listen to what it has to say. What feels right is generally the correct thing to do, and for me, writing does feel right, it feels like the thing I was born to do, and so I will keep following my heart, the trail of happiness, to wherever it may lead me.



5 thoughts on “Diary Entry 5

  1. Feeling apathetic lately as well. How do people get out of bed every day to face the boredom? Why does it all have to be so boring? There has to be a better way. I don’t know what it is, but there has to be one.

  2. Oh my beautiful girl,

    I was so surprised to read that you are only 19. You are such a beautiful writer and a beautiful soul.

    At 46, I am old enough to be your mother, and how I wish that I would have possessed the self awareness and aptitude for so clearly expressing my thoughts at that age. Heck, even at 30/35 I would be grateful.

    I just want to encourage you that you are so much more than how you may likely see yourself.

    I, too, struggle with depression, as a fellow INFP, and I understand the inner turmoil that leaves us feeling alone, unaccepted, and oftentimes, very misunderstood.

    This thorn, as I like to refer to it as, is your gift to a world very much in need.

    Your courage in sharing with others whom may currently not be in possession of the energy nor motivation to share outwardly all that they identify with in your writings, provides a moment of belonging and connection.

    You are a blessing, beautiful soul, never doubt this!

    Much love ❤

    • I have no words for how beautiful this comment was to me, especially since I see you as someone who is much more mature and has had much more life experience than me. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. If you would like, you can read the book I finished writing recently, which I will be posting on this blog after I reply to comments. Thank you. ❤

      • I meant every world, Sweetheart. ❤

        I just saw in another email that you posted a link to your book. I am so excited to read it; I know it is something very special.

      • Thank you. ❤ Yes, I ended up publishing the book myself on my blog yesterday, just so some of my fantasy writing can exist out there in the world. I don't think it's particularly special, but hopefully some people like it.

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