INFP Word Association

Words INFPs (or Daydreamers) Like              Words Non-Daydreamers Like

Celestial                                                                     Definite

Lunar                                                                         Space

Equestrian                                                                Consideration

Sugarplum                                                                Think

Knight                                                                        Internet

Glittering                                                                  Leader

Lacewing                                                                  Teamwork

Toffee                                                                        Question

Castle                                                                         Measure

Corset                                                                        Restaurant

Clockwork                                                                 Dog

Unicorn                                                                     Building

Delicate                                                                      Soon

Pirouette                                                                   Digital

Winged                                                                     Wildlife

Daffodil                                                                     Inspire

Bejeweled                                                                Holiday

Nightgown                                                              Adventure

Honeysuckle                                                          Creativity

Dewdrops                                                                 Medical

Potion                                                                       Action

Skeleton                                                                  Comedy

Sinewy                                                                     Bay

Lackadaisical                                                         Airplane

Shipwreck                                                               Baking

Quintessential                                                       Choreography

Inferno                                                                    Romantic

Ramshackle                                                           Broken

Poison-ivy                                                              Conceptual

Dollhouse                                                                Ticket

Bubblegum                                                            Outdoors

Confetti                                                                   Good

Sinister                                                                   Values

Raven                                                                       Fine

Kitten                                                                      Beautiful

Decrepit                                                                 Personal

Suitcase                                                                 Journal

Sombre                                                                  Perform

Contort                                                                  Amazing

Princess                                                                Heroic

Carapace                                                               Conflict

Blackened                                                            Resilience

Apothecary                                                            Freezing

Viper                                                                         Total

Arctic                                                                       Fashion

Ocean                                                                       Bass

Violin                                                                      Reflection

Octopus                                                                  Stadium

Sewing-machine                                                   Prawn

Gauntlet                                                                 Streamlined

Gilt                                                                           Decor

Witchcraft                                                              Possibility

Extra-terrestrial                                                     Position

Emeralds                                                                   Baby

Drenched                                                                Generation

Whisper                                                                 Announcement

Spyglass                                                                      Income

X-ray                                                                         Makeover

Lagoon                                                                        Success

Vineyard                                                                     Alcohol

Staircase                                                                        Store

Fragrance                                                                     Taste

Silky                                                                             Purpose

Azure                                                                             Sleep

Delectable                                                               Controversial

Blueprint                                                                    Vegetable

Umbrella                                                                    Satisfied

Wraith                                                                         Difficult

Swirl                                                                           Recognise

Ribcage                                                                           Detect

Swan                                                                                  Slim
Statue                                                                             Sawdust

Bowery                                                                             Beam

Strawberry                                                                       Jealous

Hexagonal                                                                         Afraid

Gargoyle                                                                             Dock

Orphan                                                                             Relationships


Some words are just a little prettier than others, if you know what I mean. Feel free to add your own to the list. ❤


6 thoughts on “INFP Word Association

  1. Dog, baby, relationships—I cannot tell you how much these words irk me. Right on with these three. I kind of like the word “infant”, though (as opposed to baby).

    My favorite word is “timshel,” which is a Hebrew word, meaning, “You may,” as in, “You have the ability to choose.” I think it’s a pretty word.

    • Interesting, until now I had never even heard of that word. And so do I! Infant just sounds so much sweeter and prettier than ”baby”, which frankly is overused and often employed as a way to refer to love interests than actual human newborns.

  2. I love that wrote down two of my most treasured words (quintessential and lackadaisical), which precipitated this avalanche of words: sesquipedalian, tranquility, serendipity, evoke, limerence, unsurmountable, hyacinth, flamboyance, arabesque, chariot, diaphanous, ethereal, epoch, eloquence, essential, thesaurus, oblivion, tangent, empiric, aquamarine, epicurean, rapture. Stopping here or you may end up in the arms of Morpheus :).
    You may say I’m a dreamer…but errrrr, I seem to fit into the extroverted pragmatic spectrum, ESFJ to be more precised (oh no! eh? haha :), although probably quite an unconventional one. At times I believe I’m more a very social ISFJ. Still…I would choose most of the words from the first column over the second one anytime.
    I’ve just started reading your blog and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I landed here for I have a friend (well, I like to think that she is but perhaps this is my dream, haha) who is an INFP and I am trying to learn a bit more about her through you, guys. I just wanted to tell you all that I’m very grateful for it.

    • Thank you! Diaphanous! I should’ve written that one down, it’s a beautiful word. Please, feel free to browse around: there’s lots about INFPs on this blog; in fact, it’s one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. Hope everything goes well with you and your INFP friend, ISFJ. 🙂

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