A Little “Doomsday” Prophecy


There is a sight that I hate almost more than anything else in the world, and it is a strange one: that of a prospective parent, be it mother or father, holding their own biological baby to themselves, covetously, closely, greedily. Their body language says it all: this child is mine, look at me, I have made offspring, I have achieved a milestone in life. They are smug, and proud. They are loving, yet cruel.

Because as they hold that very same baby, in their nice home, in a first world country, over tens of millions of orphans exist around the world. Motherless. Fatherless. Starving, dying, getting raped, abused, exploited. Babies. Toddlers. Children.

Somewhere along the line—and perhaps this is a failing of humanity, or modern society in first world-countries—possessing children, giving birth, to one child, two children, or more, carrying that baby in your arms while a diamond ring sparkled on your finger, became a status symbol, like getting married, like owning a house, like owning a car, like going on holidays and splattering your social media with pretty pictures of your lovely, pretty life.

Here’s a little doomsday prophecy for you: in my heart, and in the minds and hearts of scientists and professors around the world, all is not well on Earth. And the reason for this is Overpopulation. Our planet simply has too many people on it. We are almost like ants, crawling over the planet, using up its resources, desecrating its lakes, its forests. I could throw a couple of statistics at you—for instance, that over 27,000 trees are cut down EVERY day to produce toilet paper for everyone around the world. Just think about that. With just that number, for toilet paper, something we use just to wipe ourselves after we go to the bathroom, entire forests are decimated every single year.

The wastage is indescribable. If Mother Nature could speak, she would be speechless with agony and pain. The amount of plastic, the amount of toxic waste, the amount of water consumed, fuel consumed, trees culled, rubbish thrown into the sea, poisonous fumes released into the air, is beyond comprehension.

Somewhere along the line, we forgot we belong to Mother Nature, that we came from God just like the trees and the lakes and the animals. Somewhere along the line, we decided to treat this beautiful planet as our very own playground, to be done with as we pleased.

Overpopulation. Millions of babies, being born everyday, at a rate far greater than people dying. Millions of forests, cut down. When you hurt nature, you hurt yourself. Do you have any idea how important trees are? I won’t go into the science of it—you already know that; they provide oxygen, they provide us with material to build houses and furniture, are homes for thousands of beautiful species of animals. But there is a spiritual aspect to trees you might not know about it. Place your hand against the trunk of a tree, and you will feel immediately at peace. The gentle strength of Mother Nature flows into you.

Bite into a juicy apple. Nature’s sweet gift flows into your mouth, your body, giving you strength. Drink some water, and clear, crystalline power of it enters your entire bodily system, refreshing you, healing you. Breathe air, feel the breeze, lie on the grass—all around you, Mother Nature is holding you close, telling you that you and Her are one. Look at yourself. Blood flows through your veins, you have skin, eyes, like any animal; you live on food that grows out of the ground, with the help of water and sunlight, like magic.

And I tell you that if Earth’s population doesn’t reduce soon, if we don’t start becoming a little more frugal, have less children and instead take care of the fatherless and motherless children that already exist, treat water as a precious commodity instead of something to be poured down the sink, consume less energy—

Then someday, many generations from now, a person will yearn to bite into some fresh fruit, and never be able to.

Someday, countries will go to war over water, something which we, who live in first world countries, get just by turning on a tap.

Someday, trees will be so few in number, the remaining ones will be guarded and preserved like national treasures.

Someday, millions of people will die, on a planet too polluted and broken.

Mother Nature loves you. She provides everything for you. Water, earth to grow food, trees that we can cut down, a couple here and there, to build shelter. But if we keep on taking until she is nearly dead, then we will die, too. We are like babies drinking our mother’s blood, instead of her milk.

I am afraid, and sorrowful.


14 thoughts on “A Little “Doomsday” Prophecy

  1. Quite a solid judgement i would say.. not everyone relates marriage or/and childbirth as if it is a goal in life and the same time it would provide a particular status. There are plenty of parents who raise their children with idealisms and good ideas. The scientists of tomorrow… For me I think rather that the overpopulation is not the problem, it is the way we teach our offspring to care for this earth and all it provides for us..
    However. As a mother of 3, i can’t quite get a grip of the idea that there are so many orphans. If my house was big enough, they were most welcome #somuchlovetogive x x x

    • Thank you. 🙂 You have quite a solid judgement as well; and you’re right, some people treat children as the blessings they are. Too many, though, like to drop things about “their children” and how “clever” and “wonderful” they are, like they are new models of cars or something nice they bought at the store. I do believe we need to do both—right now, we have overpopulation, and not enough people caring for the Earth. God bless your children—may they grow up to care for the environment.

    • Overpopulation is the main problem – because it makes everything else worse. It multiplies the effect of every other problem. For example, do you think the World’s oceans would be so full of plastic if there were 2 billion people on the planet instead of 7,5? The World’s population are now increasing with more than 80 million a year. There are about 15 000 births an hour, and 5000 deaths pr hour. The amount of wildlife around the planet are halved since 1970 because of human activity (industry, agriculture, infrastructure and enormous cities). Soon, there will be room for nothing on the surface of this planet except humans, our pets and our food. And then what? What happens when/if the population increase even after that point?

      Going green is not enough. If you go from being an average consumer in a western country, to being as green as you can – go vegan, stop flying, stop driving a car, recycle as much as you can etc. etc. – and then you have one – just one – baby – the added consumption of that one additional person will cancel out everything you are doing to be green more than 20 times over.

      That means that green technology is not enough if population growth continues. It will only slow things down a little. Idealism and good ideas does not help if there are too many people. Idealists have to eat too. This year, we consumed more than earth manages to renew in a year by august 2.

      The more people there are on the planet, the less resources there are for each one – that’s just logical. If there are not enough resources because there are too many people, a human life will end up being worth very little – in real life, if not by law. For each person that chooses to not have biological children, the future will look a little less dark for the immense hordes of children that already exists (there are, by the way, one billion teenagers on the planet as we speak, and only 80 years ago the entire population was two billion).

      Wow, that was a long rant, I’m sorry. I hope it doesn’t come of as angry – I’m just very devoted to this topic. And I hope Anne approves the comment, and that you read it, and maybe start to wonder if, possibly, you can be wrong when you say “overpopulation is not the problem”.

      • Maria, thank you very much, I am so glad you are so passionate and well-versed on this topic, and while I believe everything is reaching a tipping point, I think humanity still has a future. Eventually, we’ll have to return to an agricultural lifestyle, one with nature, instead of using it as an endless supply of resources. Thank you. I cannot express how glad I am that someone like you exists, who cares about this issue so strongly, in a world where no-one seems to give a damn about Mother Nature. You are awesome, and together, I have a feeling, if we live long enough, we’ll watch civilisation start to crumble.

  2. Thank you for writing about overpopulation! It’s so important, and almost never mentioned anywhere. The net growth of human beings are about 10 000 a day – after deaths. And the number of wild mammals have been reduced by 50% since 1970. That’s really scary. Take a look at populationmatters.com if you don’t already know about them. People need to talk about this and become aware.

    • Totally. It’s crazy, how little concern is placed on this huge problem; people would rather talk about anything else, sometimes, rather than the environment, and it will be our undoing someday. Nature is slowly being crushed—and we are the ones doing it. Take care. x

  3. I completely agree with you and we all need to start talking about this supposedly “taboo” topic! I think overpopulation is the root cause of soo many problems in the world today. Even David Attenborough says, “humans are a plague on the earth.” We are encroaching on nature more and more each day, eliminating other beautiful animals and destroying incredible forests. 😦 It also means reduced quality of life for human beings with ridiculous amounts of competition over jobs, housing, high stress levels etc.

    It all breaks my heart and is the reason why I’ve decided not to have biological children, even though this makes me something of an outsider. I feel lonely in my views as most of my friends/family/colleagues have kids and I find it hard to relate to the decisions they’ve made (I mean, I can kind of understand wanting one child but three or more just seems selfish and irrational). I feel very strongly that we must reduce human populations for the good of all people, nonhuman animals and the planet. Thank you for speaking out about this issue.

    • You’re very welcome, thank you so much for commenting and speaking your views, because you make me feel less alone, too. Isn’t it horrible—don’t you ever feel like someone who is standing on the outside, watching a disaster slowly happen and helpless to stop it? Capitalism is killing us all. It has to stop. Let us keep being ourselves, until one day, either our presence makes people change their minds, or everyone continues down this path of doom, while we are caught up in the wave. Please know how grateful I am that you exist—the elephant in the room needs to be pointed out!

      • Just wondering…why would you think having more than 1 child is selfish and irrational? Who is going to take care of you when you are growing old? I believe there is more to it than just this one-sided vieuw of ‘overpopulation is the biggest problem’.. It certainly is a problem, if everybody keeps consuming the way they do (maybe they are the people who think their kid is as fabulous as the newest car?)… Going out on a limb here, but I think most important is not the choice of having children, but the necessity of, if you make the decision to have one or more kids, a good education to treat and respect this earth. It is possible to live and love green, and show rhem possibilities how to manage in rhe future. For example, growing veggies in the backyard, quit eating meat, tell them why. So they can also take good and if we are old and grey, better care and invent new stuff to make green and environmental-friendly living still possible… I think rhat thinking of the overpopulation as a doomsday-prophecy is a bit too much… It would suck if we end up as a bunch of depressed, green, vegan, eco- friendly people without our
        grown up kids caring for the earth and a bit for us and people (without kids) surrounding us, right?
        We need each other, and this earth 💘
        X x

      • You’re totally right—it’s just that, too often, kids grow up the same as their parents, and do not respect the earth or what it provides. Some changes in education certainly could do some wonders; but you’re absolutely right, it is a very personal matter and people should have the choice to have children if they can.

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