“Rocket Ships And Internet” Written by A Dreamer


I wish I could find a place for me

Somewhere I could just be me

Butterflies and raindrops in the air

Everything all good and right and fair

But the world that I live in

Is war-torn and bleeding

The people are screaming

Save me now

Save me now


Rocket ships

And internet

Beautiful people

And it’s all pretend

Take my hand we’ll

Run away

Into fairyland

Where it’s all romance

I wish I could fly above the clouds

Under the cover of midnight’s shroud

Taking my time oh it’s so grand

Soaring so high above the land

But the house that I live in

Is all plastic and filling

And the water is running

And somewhere an animal is dying

Save them now

Save them now



Take me and everybody

Somewhere safe

Somewhere lovely

We’ll swing from tires

And bathe in streams

Living on stardust and dreams


Click HERE to listen. Take care. ❤


8 thoughts on ““Rocket Ships And Internet” Written by A Dreamer

  1. Heyy!

    Although I didn’t reply to these recent blog posts, I HAVE BEEN READING THEM. :p I think I’m going to go on iTunes to listen after I write this. Oh yeah, also I found this singer that I think you may come to like, too? Aurora Aksnes? I dunno, if you wanna. :/

    Anyway, how’s life and depression? If you don’t mind me asking….

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