I am showing my new name!

Funny thing, the way people seem to match the names their parents gifted them.

I was born with no name. Just like all of you.

“Oh, you must be Anne!”

“Oh, you need to change your name to Angeline…”

“Are you Annie?”


No. I am none of those. I am, in fact, Cordelia.



2 thoughts on “I am showing my new name!

  1. Hey! I love your new name—quite a drastic change from Anne, but it’s a beautiful name. I, too, go by a different name (Karuna, my middle name) on the internet, if not in real life. Perhaps when the right time comes, I will change it officially.
    (This is freedomismyvirtue, by the way. I might be using this account a bit more often for a while).

    • Hey freedomismyvirtue, or Karuna—yeah, I just felt like a cool, Internet name, and Cordelia has always been one of my favourites. I hope you are doing well—sorry for the late reply, I had a depressive episode, unfortunately. Thank you, for all your support. ❤

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