A Scented Candle Disaster: and on God

You Light Up My Life

Well, for Christmas, I bought my mother a scented candle. This was a bad idea. For instance, I never realised that, expensive as the candle was for me—$20, to be exact—it wouldn’t last very long, and in order to keep the woody wick going, I would have to keep scraping out the candle wax from around it. Continue reading


On Flaky Friends


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of flaky friendships—by which I mean, friends who don’t really actually care about you, creating a one-side relationship where only one person—you—seems to be the one desperate for the relationship to continue, like some strange, clingy girlfriend or boyfriend. Continue reading

Immature INFPs Vs Mature INFPs



I will float away on heavenly clouds of joy forever more, because he and I (or she and I) will meet in a chance encounter, faraway from human civilisation, where we will mutually love each other instantly and become absolute soul mates. That is how it will happen. Yes. In a woodland, probably, surrounded by fairies only we can see, and feed each other bits of cloud and stardust. Probably. What do you mean, unrealistic? Listen, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. You obviously don’t believe in true love. Continue reading