Immature INFPs Vs Mature INFPs



I will float away on heavenly clouds of joy forever more, because he and I (or she and I) will meet in a chance encounter, faraway from human civilisation, where we will mutually love each other instantly and become absolute soul mates. That is how it will happen. Yes. In a woodland, probably, surrounded by fairies only we can see, and feed each other bits of cloud and stardust. Probably. What do you mean, unrealistic? Listen, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. You obviously don’t believe in true love.

I will meet a person, most likely in my everyday life, in my everyday social circle, such as my school or workplace, or through a friend of a friend; and we will get along, like ordinary people, and sometimes, we might not get along, which is fine. And there are the obvious good parts—the endorphin high of falling in love, the protective and loving nature of having a partner—but you do have to compromise a lot, too. Ooh, look at me, being all grown-up. WHERE ARE THE WOODLAND FAIRIES.


I am going to be a writer. I don’t care what you say, it’s going to happen, and if that means living out of the back of a caravan for the rest of my life, so be it. What do you mean, no orange juice? I can still buy it. And electricity…well, there are solar panels. And for showering, I could go to the gym. Listen, I have done a lot of research, and this is the best way for me to live; it’s the only way I can pursue my passion, because, frankly, it is rather impossible for me to hold down a full-time, soul-sucking job, I would really rather die. All I want to do is daydream and write and float away on the clouds of thoughts all day long…shut up, I’m not being unrealistic, tell me again why we’re still friends??

It’s not that hard, holding down a full-time, ordinary job, once you actually get used to it. Yes, it is boring—after all, I work at a chemist, scanning items and stacking shelves—and sometimes soul-sucking, but otherwise, it’s not that bad, and has its good parts, too, namely the fact that you can keep a roof over your head and food in the fridge, something that writing will take some time yet for it to do.


Are you kidding me? I AM A BLEEDING HEART. THOSE POOR PEOPLE, THOSE ANIMALS, THOSE, OHMIGOD, WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THOSE RABBITS?! EXPERIMENTING ON THEM? Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t actually personally helped any of these people—after all, I am a single twenty-one year old living at home who still thinks she can become a writer and change the world—but, at the very least, I feel for them. At least I CARE.

OMIGOD. THIS IS A TERRIBLE WORLD, FILLED WITH EVIL Okay, so, in the future, when I have the funds, I will make sure to donate to this charity, and that charity, and that charity, and that charity, and that charity…animals rights…gotcha…sexual assault…definitely, can relate (another post, guys)…wateraid….EVERYTHING. Poor people, poor animals. I love them to death. They need my help. I might one day…give some money. Yeah. Because I don’t have the social stamina to travel halfway around the world yet and look after people after they’ve been affected by hurricanes or floods. Help. EVERYBODY, HELP THEM.


Immature: ASDFGHJKLQWWERTYUIOPZXCVBNM. My mother just told me I would never become a writer, that I was wasting my life on airy-fairy dreams. *bursts into tears* I hate my life, I really do. You know, I think Juliet was onto something. I think I maybe should do something drastic, and destroy myself, because this life, with its soul-sucking jobs, and unfeeling people, and cruelty and horribleness, and horrible, realistic mothers, is just not worth living anymore.

Well, I think that maybe one day, if I try hard enough, I will be able to publish my work. My mother is wrong—or at the very least, I think she is. But I understand where she is coming from; I mean, writers aren’t exactly known for being able to pay the bills on time, and she wants to make sure I have some security in this world. I guess it’s a good thing I am studying to be a nurse.


I’m going to eat all this junk food, because I am so depressed about my life, and I like sweet foods a lot, like cookies and ice-cream. And after that, I am going to sit on a chair all day, typing up my book on my computer. And after that I am going to watch a movie, to forget the real world, and then read a book, to forget that I was trying to forget the real world, all while never moving from the same position.

The benefits of a job is that it gets you moving around, which is healthier for you. Things like running, or working out, while tiring, are good to schedule into your day, as they have numerous health benefits, such as making you feel healthier and happier. Moving around is very important—and if you’re happier, you’re less likely to eat lots of junk food. Unfortunately, I will still spend a lot of time sitting down, because I still write and watch films, but I can do other things standing up, or even walking around, like reading a book. Health is important, remember that. Oh, gosh, I can’t even believe what I am saying…is this real? Or is it the Matrix?


16 thoughts on “Immature INFPs Vs Mature INFPs

  1. Nice essay on aging as an INFP. I’m 39 and single and having a job (dietitian) and feeling usefull and will my poetric younger self will approve my nowadays life? Sure, as I’m still myself, but no poetry and the women, now, not so fairytalelly as they used to be in my mind. Now much more reallity is shaping my mind, and being idealistic is still a challenge, as no one is willing to see by my eyes as I’m childish and immature and … but paying the bills. Am I not supposed to transient to a state of flow by living as anyone? (INFP pains in the real life)

    • No way! Never live as anyone but yourself; and I am so proud of you, for being able to make it in society, and pay the bills. You go! And never let anyone dictate what it means to be an adult–I think some part of INFPs always remains childish and a little immature, it’s just part of the package deal when it comes to life. Take care. xx

      • Merry Christmas Cordelia! Don’t forget the Harry Potter- like food! December is always the right time to make comfort food. I’m gonna call all my friends to know how they are living this moment (or I’m not gonna have news, they won’t call me…)

  2. Haha, yes. This.
    This was definitely what i was referring about.
    But this makes me realize that growing up is also bittersweet.
    When I was younger, I was convinced that all dreams had to come true. It was all or nothing. I was convinced that you would definitely become a successful writer. I was convinced you had it all—you were creative, you had an ethereal quality to your writing, you were dedicated… I thought that one day someone would discover your blog or your writing and you would make it big and live the sort of life you’d always wanted to live.
    But things don’t always work that way, do they? Anyway. I still do think you have lots of talent and would really make a great writer, or at least something in the creative profession. I just don’t think in such a black or white way anymore. You can hold a job at the chemist, AND still continue to write.
    Wish you all the best as always.

    • Thank you. You’re exactly right. Dreams do still come true…just in a more realistic fashion, I suppose. I will still write, and I will, someday, still make it as a writer; but in the meantime, I’ll just patter away at my little job, and earn enough money to keep a roof over my head, and food in the fridge.
      Thank you for your support, it really means the world to me. Your belief in me is, well, dazzling, to say the least; I’ve never had anyone believe in me the way you have, amantskies. Thank you. Take care. Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. My mind screamed I need to get a stable job. My heart resisted. Then I ended up doing different jobs to pay my bills; the kind of jobs that would give me enough time to write.
    Giving up is impossible for INFPs, anyway. We just learn to compromise.

    Anyway, it’s a great post!

  4. Ha, this is great. It made a little bit sad – especially the “Mature – Career” part. You could always ‘play it safe’ and start out doing writing as a career you know; e.g. journalist, content writer 😉

  5. Ohoho interesting I feel like I’m a mix of both haha. Though I should probably change that. :p Which one do you think you are? I dunno if it’s just me, but I feel like you’re really mature heh :p.

    • I do feel like a mature INFP, by this point. I’ve done a lot of growing up. Im not so idealistic, I have a proper job, and yes, even my publishing dreams and the thought of them never coming true is something I’ve reconciled myself to. It’s really interesting how you’re a mixture of both: it’s like you’re in that halfway stage, between immaturity and maturity. Take care. 🙂

  6. Nice article.. thank you for sharing this for the most ideaslitic personality among with others

    Well… i know it’s pain… believe and accept the things that hard to accept.
    when the reality bashing ourself really hard but there’s one thing…

    you become matured.

    i dunno about this but seems like INFP’s will get mature when the reality hit them so hard… and for the first time of my life that i don’t what i’m gonna do now and also with myfuture. it’s so strange to believe that INFP (me) got matured at a very young age for a personality like us. (20)

    i know it’s hurt… realy hurt… but there’s a good thing about it and seems like i’m happy with it.

    Once again.. Thank You 😀

    • Maturing can be a very difficult process, so I definitely understand your pain. It feels as though everything you loved and treasured is stripped away, leaving you bare and uncomfortable, a fledgling adult. I know how hard it is to find a career and a path in this life, but don’t worry, you can do it, and you will be successful, because INFPs, daydreamer so though we may be, can be quite smart and resourceful when we want to be. Take care. ❤

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