A Genuine Insight Into This Dreamer’s Existence


It’s exactly 10:39 at night, and I am sitting in my room, alone, typing on my laptop. I just got back from an evening with church friends, and, while I didn’t know quite a few of them, I did end up having a nice time, playing board games and eating food. I didn’t feel like I quite fit in with any of them. Continue reading


Twitter and Instagram


I thought it’d be fun to reignite my Twitter account, and create an Instagram account.

While I can’t promise I’ll be extremely active on either of my accounts, I will try my best to post something new everyday. However, I don’t think I’ll be doing a face reveal anytime soon, simply because I am painfully shy and there are moments where I wonder if I have the courage to show myself, warts and all.  Continue reading

12 Life Tips For INFPs


This post is courtesy of Louis, who wanted to read a blog post about INFP life stuff and tips. Thank you, Louis, for your suggestion, and if you would like to donate to my Patreon page, you can find it here, at http://www.patreon.com/dreamerrambling

Onto the blog post. Here is a list of 12 life tips for INFPs. While I have written quite a few lists over the years, I don’t think I’ve written one exclusively on tips for INFPs. So, here we go. Continue reading

INFPs Are Not Suited To The Modern Workforce


Before I begin, I would like to give a shout-out to Louis, for donating to my Patreon page. Thank you very much! Please a topic you’d like me to blog about, Louis, if you want to, to dreamerrambling@hotmail.com. And for those of you who want to, you can donate at my Patreon page http://www.patreon.com/dreamerrambling.

Now, let’s get started with today’s blog post. What has been happening? I’ll tell you what. A big, fat nothing. Isn’t marvelous, when nothing particularly remarkable or special happens in your life? Continue reading

15 Things An INFP Can Do When Extremely Depressed


Life, for INFPs, is an unending mystery, the world a place forever falling short of our fantasy and ideals, and our society filled with unimaginative and selfish people: it’s no wonder we are a personality type that commonly suffers from mental illness, such as depression and anxiety. And, since I am in the throes of depression at this present moment in time, I think this is the perfect post for me to write. So, here are things an INFP can do when extremely depressed, to help them get out of their depression. Continue reading

An Unhappy Musing—Oh Dear


Honestly, the titles of my blog recently could possibly form a new series known as “Very Blue” or “A Depressed INFP.” Well, I was scrolling through Youtube one day, when I came upon an announcement, about this random stranger, in some corner of the globe, getting married. Her name was Tanya, and I don’t know her, and she doesn’t know me, yet for some reason, I felt an overwhelming sweep of despair, at the thought of this stranger getting married, and living a happy life, with two children in the future, and a good job, and so on. Continue reading

When Depression Hits


I don’t want this blog to dissolve into a cesspool of moaning and groaning, but, to be honest, life isn’t going well at the moment, and I feel like writing is the only way I can keep sane, for the meanwhile. In fact, I don’t even know what I am writing right now, I am nearly going insane because of my misery. And the thing is, I don’t know what, exactly, I’m so miserable about. Continue reading

An INFP’s Foray Into the Business World


Sorry if my WordPress blog has suddenly become all jumbled up and strange. I decided to unearth some of my older blog posts, ones which had been read many times by my readers, but which, for whatever reason, I had decided to make a “Draft” instead of a “Published piece.” Continue reading