I Was Targeted By A Vanity Publisher


So, for the last couple of days or so, I was in a whirlwind of excitement because I received a message, after much waiting, that my book had been accepted by a publisher.

At first, I was filled with joyous elation; the sound of ringing bells echoed throughout my mind, my spirits soared, and a thousand angels seemed to be singing an aria inside my soul at once. Finally, whispered a voice inside of me, finally the day has come! Continue reading


What Does It Mean To Be A Real Woman?

Final RGB.jpg

Today, on the train, I was thoroughly intimidated, intentionally, by a young woman, who seemed to want to rub it in my face that she was better than me in every single way. For one thing, she kept tossing her hair, and looking over her shoulder, down her nose at me, standing extra close so the level of intimidation was increased by tenfold, and smelling of such a sweet, powerful perfume it was as if her very pores stank of it. Continue reading

In The Rain


I wish I was someone dazzling, someone people marvelled over.


Stunningly beautiful, sharp-witted, elegant, gorgeous in any dress, with smooth, tanned skin and shapely legs, with a handsome man by my side who has the ability to make my knees weak with a kiss. Continue reading

The Facets of Love

be mine.jpg

The facets of love. What is love? Romantic love, exactly?

That’s something I’ve been exploring, as I’ve grown older and matured into a young woman, no longer a little girl who had playground crushes on good-looking boys and pined after them from afar. I think love starts off as friendship; you begin as friends, who care about each other, and like aspects of the other person. Continue reading

A Lost Princess


Are princesses meant to be like this? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know everything there is to know about princesses. I know that we are meant to find love, very soon, and very quickly, because that’s just what princesses do. I know that we are shy and demure, but filled with a shining light of our own. I know that our prince is waiting for us, just around the corner, even if we have to kiss a lot of frogs to find them. Continue reading