I Buy My Own Wedding Ring (song)


I take myself out on dates

And the only one pays is me

And I buy myself jewellery

And give myself hugs

‘Cause only someone who’s loved can love


I give myself a crown

A tiara of silver

‘Cause I’m a queen

Living the dream

And it goes well with my hair

And I know what you’re thinking

She’s a little bit crazy

But if you knew the life I’d been living

You wouldn’t judge me



I bought my own wedding ring

And I like it

Less than you think

I’m a girl who…

…needs a guy

A prince to be mine

One without a crown

And no kingdom


I wear a dress and look amazing

The prettiest girl alive

I’m covered in jewels and bling

Even if it’s not bright

And I’ve got a sharp mind

I know how to calculate

Exactly like a mime


The people all stare at me

In my imagination

They all gaze openly

At this beautiful specimen

And I have no pride

I’m kind and pure as they come




Bridge x2

Please someone come for me

Someone tall and nice-looking

You won’t regret

Your choice

I’m a champagne glass of prettiness/I love myself too well



Click here to listen to this:  https://vocaroo.com/i/s0FQP9R1ZGtC





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