When An INFP Turns Dark


At some point in time, and if enough negative events occur, an INFP (Introverted, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving personality type—see the Myer-Briggs test for more information) becomes tougher, and hardened. No longer are we gentle and delicate flowers, billowing in the wind; instead, we become battle-hardened soldiers, raging against the war and the deceit and the corruption that occur in our lives and the lives of our loved ones on a daily basis. Continue reading


Striving For Purity


Ever since I entered my adult years, I have striven for purity, but when I talk about purity, I’m not referring to anything sexual, such as maintaining one’s virginity. Instead, it’s more of the moral, deep-in-your-gut kind, where every decision and choice you make is carefully considered to see whether or not it is something someone with a pure heart would do or choose. Continue reading

On Yearning


In my teenage years, my cousin was jealous of the fact that I had a little writing talent and was able to follow my dreams when she couldn’t, and was stuck in a job she hated. She would bully me, putting me down, telling me I couldn’t “make it”, that I had no talent, her jealousy seeping from her every pore. Meanwhile, her husband gave me pornographic novels, kissed me, and tried everything to worm his way into my life. Continue reading

On Loneliness and Writing

lonely girl.jpg

Excuse me for my absence. I have been busy writing away, like some kind of maniac, and haven’t surfaced from the watery depths of my secret worlds for the last month or so. Maybe more.

Tonight was another one of those nights when I couldn’t sleep, and thoughts swirled through my brain like honey. While there is no doubt I am not completely a lonely person—I have friends, and family, and all of you—sometimes, at night, when all is quiet, I get unbearably lonely. Continue reading