The Definition of “Womanhood”


What is the definition of “womanhood”? Any takers?

I am 21 this year, I just turned 21 last month. 21. Twenty-one.

I’m a woman. At least, according to social psychologists and the dictionary, and other professionals like doctors, and in the eyes of the government and the law, I’m no longer a little girl anymore, nor am I a “tween” or a teenager; I am a full-fledged woman, ready to go forth into the world and discover, explore and conquer, be it new lips to kiss or new books to read, in the full prime of my life, with rosebud lips and unwrinkled skin and high heels on my pretty, little feet.

Or say they say.

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Don’t Brush Away Discomfort When Interacting With Others

sad woman.jpg

I don’t know if this is an INFP thing, or if it’s just me, but I have terrible habit, extremely detrimental towards my happiness, of ignoring any discomfort or “warning signs” when I’m interacting with other people and making excuses for their behaviour, words or actions, no matter how bad or ugly they are. It’s as if I’m a doormat, unconsciously, subconsciously, and whatever comes spouting out of people’s mouths or whatever they do to me, I just take it and accept it, like a person standing in front of a gun and willingly getting shot, without any hatred and anger in the moment towards the attacker. Continue reading

My Writing Process


I just finished reading “The Martian” by Andy Weir, and while it was a magnificent book, chock-a-block with scientific facts and space terminology that went right over my head, and I found the main character, Mark Watney, to be brilliant and funny, the ending absolutely blew. Completely. In terms of the build-up and amount of suspense gearing up towards the ending, I expected something earth-shattering and irrevocable to happen. Instead (spoiler alert!), it all passed without a hitch and everybody lived happily ever after like a bunch of fairytale princes and princesses living in their castles and sipping on fine, red wine or something. Continue reading

I Wish I Had A Boyfriend


After breaking up with my best friend, whom I’ve known for over a year, I’m in a particularly foul mood. I feel very upset. But it had to be done, just like a wound needs to be cauterised for it to heal; she was not good for my mental health, said several things which deeply hurt myself and my family (the kind of things you can’t go back from saying—things surrounding death, life and everything in between) and to be honest with you, I believed it was time to part ways. Continue reading

My High school Crush


All teenagers go through a period where they have a “crush” on someone, oftentimes a startling strong desire or affection for a single human being, whether a boy or a girl, whom they just can’t stop thinking about, no matter what their friends say or the small detail that the object of their affection doesn’t even know they exist. Continue reading

Black Cat Day

black cat.jpg

I don’t know what the topic of this blog post will be about. Generally, I map and plan out my posts beforehand, using a series of dot points, so that I can hit each of the points that I’m trying to make and the post flows properly. But today, I just decided to sit down and write. I’m in a curious mood. I do apologise if I ever bore you with my rambles—they’re sort of like diary entries, and I’m sure I’m not a very interesting person. Still, if you can read this and feel a little less alone in this world, then my writing will have accomplished its purpose. Continue reading

I Sometimes Wish I Was A Bath-Salts, Lush-bath-bomb, Christmas-tree Decorating…


I sometimes wish I was a bath-salts, Lush bath bomb, Christmas-tree decorating, perfume-fanatic, Bath-and-Body-works-shopping, make-up collecting, apartment-renting young woman in her twenties who always smells like her favourite Vera Wang perfume with a pet dog and a neatly-stocked fridge full of kale chips and free-range chicken and went to work at an office for a magazine writing articles about men and women and relationships with coffee from Starbucks on my office table Continue reading