How To Be Good In A Bad World


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What does it mean to be a good person? I think it’s to love other people more than you love yourself, in that, when given the choice between getting something for yourself or for someone else, you choose the latter, always, no matter what. I think it’s about realising we’re all God’s children and deserve to be loved and cared for, in the right way, the true way.

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🎄 Hearts and Gingerbread 🎄


This is a dark short story I wrote for this upcoming Christmas season, about a sad, lonely woman who lives in a gingerbread house and lures men into her home, and how she came to be there and became the person she was.


I eat men for breakfast.

I lure them into my gingerbread cottage, with promises of love and affection, in bed and out of it, and offer them chocolate chip cookies that taste of faintly of laudanum the next morning, when they’re dusted in the sugar of my skin. They die quite quickly. After that, I put them in the oven and cook them, until they’re golden brown and well-done on the inside.

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The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Villain


I fell in love with a prince who turned out to be a villain.

He wasn’t the knight in shining armour, riding on his horse to save me, but a sorcerer of black magic, dealing in potions that glimmered with dark radiance and evil objects capable of inflicting curses. Even though he was handsome, he was dark, dark as sin, and a curl of black vine-like tattoos traced across his left cheekbone, like a mark, a brand of evil. He came to me, not to love me or rescue me, but to take my blood and my power, both magical, and make him mine, a veritable endless supply of sacrificial blood and strength. Continue reading

10 Inexpensive INFP Christmas Gift Ideas

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Well, folks, Christmas is just around the corner, and while I’m a huge fan of the Christmas season, and of celebrating the birth of Jesus, our saviour and pretty much the kindest and most wonderful person to walk the Earth, I do tend to have quite a bit of trouble coming up with gift ideas for other people, because it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what to purchase others within the constraints of your budget. However, I always know what to gift myself and other INFPs, so I thought I’d cultivate a list of creative, handmade gifts you can give to the INFPs in your life for the festive season which will definitely quite delight them. Continue reading

What This INFP Thinks Of Consumption This Christmas


I was watching a British TV show yesterday (Britain has some of the snazziest and most fascinating documentaries about life in England), called something along the lines of “The Most Luxurious Christmas” or something, basically a documentary about how rich people in London spend their money at Christmas time (I found it on Youtube; here’s the link: Rich People’s Christmas), and I just stared at the screen for about an hour with my jaw open and my belief completely suspended. Continue reading

An INFP’s Character Development

girl on a lake

In every book and story—or at least every good one—a character develops and changes over time, and this is good because it’s realistic: in real life, everyone changes from day to day; who I am on Monday might not be the same person you greet on Tuesday, because I’ve learned things and grown a little, and that means my worldview and how I interact with myself, other people and society has changed. Continue reading

God Exists? Yes.


God is someone very close to me. I think of him more as a father than someone else, a Heavenly Father in the sky who watches over us, critiques what we do, punishes us accordingly, whether in this life or the next, and believes in the best of us, supports us, loves us, and carries over whatever rocky shores and boulders we come across in the waters of life. Continue reading

What To Do When People Hurt You



In this world, I am of the firm belief that we can sense, and even absorb, the negative energy of other people, such as hatred, disgust or animosity, the way we might ingest poison or breathe in polluted or toxic gases. Continue reading

An INFP’s Latest Discoveries & Reflection On Jealous People


I’ve discovered quite a few things lately, all of them the kind that would very much appeal to INFPs, so I thought I’d share them with you.

One of them is a search engine called “Ecosia”, which turns your searches into trees! Literally! Every time you search for something using this search engine, you help to plant trees in places like Africa and the plains of Asia, with 45 searches equivalent to one tree planted. It’s very easy to download, it acts just like Google or Bing or any other search engine, the only difference being your searches end up helping the environment and rebuilding the world’s forests! Continue reading