Favourite Books, TV shows, Films & Music


Another week has passed, ladies and gentleman. Let us congratulate ourselves for making it through another week. Only kidding, this isn’t the Hunger Games. Actually, I don’t even think I should be making jokes about the Hunger Games, because the reality of the games is so terrible and awful, so excuse me for that bad quip. How did your week go? I hope your life is faring well. Continue reading


A Ramble After Pulling An All-Nighter


This is probably going to be the worst blog post I have ever written, because it is exactly 4:52am in the morning and I still haven’t managed to go to sleep. Whenever I pull an all-nighter, usually against my will and due to insomnia, I get really depressed and philosophical, as life always seems worse at night.

I get really weird when these moments occur. Continue reading

A Warning About Narcissists Through Stories


Once upon a time, a lamb fell in love with a wolf.

And the lamb gladly let the wolf eat her.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t, does it? The fairytale doesn’t go this way. In the fairytale, contrary to nature and real life, the wolf also falls in love with the lamb and everyone lives happily ever after. Continue reading

A Happy Blog Post (For Once)


I seldom write blog posts when I have a good day. I usually write blog posts when I am having a bad day, with the belief that maybe I can cheer someone up who is feeling miserable as well by showing that I am in the same boat, but today, I have decided to write a happy blog post for once. If you’re not feeling happy, feel free to read some of my many miserable blog posts, or maybe this blog post might cheer you up (although, in my experience, reading about other people feeling happy doesn’t tend to improve one’s mood). Continue reading

I Get Scared Easily (INFP Problems)

easily scared.jpg

I really do.

In fact, you would be hard pressed to find someone more easily scared by things than me. I am afraid of the sound of motorcycles—they’re simply too ferociously loud—and mean and aggressive people and horror movies, just to name a couple of things. I am also afraid of picking up animals, because I am afraid they will scratch or bite or hurt me, and I have never picked up an animal in my life, except for a kitten. Continue reading

You Are So Lucky. Really.


I don’t know about you, but I get depressed a lot. A lot. And I get depressed about a lot of different things. The state of the world. The suffering of people and animals. Death, my own death. Whether my dreams will ever come true. The list goes on.

Lately, I have been learning—and trying—to be happy in spite of external, first-world circumstances. Continue reading

I Hate Reality


I am in a really bad mood today. I mean, I am not even in the mood to write, but I feel as though it’s particularly important for me to write when I am in a bad mood, because what if you are, too, and reading this post makes you feel a little better? The aim of this blog, from the very start, was to reach out to people and make them feel less alone. And right now, I feel very lonely, and very sad. Continue reading

A Blog Post Written On Different Days


8:30pm 20/05/2018

I thought I might write a small ramble today, just to catch up with all of you, my readers, and have a little heart-to-heart chat. Let’s see. What’s new with me. Nothing much, really. I’ve been spending my days writing novels and short stories, and the rest of the time studying to be a librarian—I think I might as well finish my course, before I start another in a more writing-related disciple, since I am so close to completing it. Continue reading

The Types Of Toxic People INFPs Face


1. Narcissists who prey on our kind and unassuming natures.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with narcissists, let me boil down who they are: extremely selfish people. Selfish to the point of pathological. They are braggarts, love admirers and are constantly on the look-out for something known as “narcisstic supply”, which is attention or adoration that feeds his or her ego. Continue reading

A Little Ramble

love heart.jpg

I really like the idea of two people who are very different falling in love. I think it appeals to my INFP’s sense of romanticism—individuals from widely different backgrounds, drawn together by fate and circumstance, who start up a whirlwind romance.

Whenever I try to write about it, however, it usually does not go down well. For some reason, I can never make the characters properly mesh, and I think that is because the characters I portray are usually too different to actually start a real relationship together. Continue reading