The Types Of Toxic People INFPs Face


1. Narcissists who prey on our kind and unassuming natures.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with narcissists, let me boil down who they are: extremely selfish people. Selfish to the point of pathological. They are braggarts, love admirers and are constantly on the look-out for something known as “narcisstic supply”, which is attention or adoration that feeds his or her ego. Continue reading


A Little Ramble

love heart.jpg

I really like the idea of two people who are very different falling in love. I think it appeals to my INFP’s sense of romanticism—individuals from widely different backgrounds, drawn together by fate and circumstance, who start up a whirlwind romance.

Whenever I try to write about it, however, it usually does not go down well. For some reason, I can never make the characters properly mesh, and I think that is because the characters I portray are usually too different to actually start a real relationship together. Continue reading

INFPs Are Not Stupid


To say INFPs are complex creatures would be an understatement. On the outside we might seem ditzy and strange but on the inside we can come up with ideas or understand things in a way no-one else can. Some INFPs have no bounds when it comes to their creativity and go on to create wonderful works of art and fiction that astound the world. Others are esteemed psychologists whose intuition has placed them in good stead over the course of their careers or musical composers with an intuitive grasp of tunes and lyrics. Continue reading

An INFP’s Perspective on Friendship


Sometimes, as an INFP, I wish friendships were as scintillating and wonderful as they are in my imagination. Idealistic and naïve, I sometimes envision myself owning a home where I can invite my friends to hang out and have a good – no, not just good, a marvelous – time. We drink champagne and watch comedy movies, snacking on popcorn and hors d’oeuvres, and talk about men and our careers. Continue reading

How This INFP Deals With Suffering In The World

Honestly? I try to ignore it.

I block it out. I stop it from entering my consciousness. I make a conscious effort to barricade my mind against thoughts of other people’s suffering.

Now, it’s not what you think. As an INFP, or should I say, especially as an INFP, I am just as kind-hearted and loving as the next person, perhaps even more so. Continue reading

Spilling the Tea: Drama from this INFP’s Life


I wish I had some drama happening in my life right now, so I could write a blog post about it, but, unfortunately, my life is about as interesting as a teacup at the moment. I do have two interviews lined up this week, so that will be rather exciting, and I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes. Maybe I’ll even write a post about “Interview Tips For INFPs” or something like that, inspired by my experience with two interviews in the one week.

Continue reading

What It Ultimately Feels Like To Be An INFP


It’s 10:00 pm, and the words just aren’t flowing as they usually are, yet I felt compelled to write this post, simply because so many feelings and thoughts have been bottled up inside of me for so long that I have to let some of it out.

Sometimes, I get weirded out by the fact that I am human. Does that ever freak you out? Continue reading

Tips on How To Survive as a Modern-day INFP


INFPs are not very suited to the modern-day world, are we? I mean, we’re very introverted, which is already one count against us. Then there’s the fact that the fields we’re interested in – the arts, such as creative writing, theatre and poetry; and psychology, counselling rather than psychiatry, or certain fields like speech pathology – are either very competitive, very hard to get into or be successful at, or don’t allow you to earn very much money. Continue reading

A Little Less Depressed and Lost INFP


So, I’m going to be re-writing my book, for the fifth or sixth time – I’ve kind of lost count – and it’s fun and disheartening at the same time. I thought, by the fifth or sixth draft, I would be able to create a proper, good book, but it turns out to be not the case. So I’m re-writing the whole thing. A fresh start, a whole new me. Continue reading

I Am A Depressed and Lost INFP


I haven’t been feeling very well.

This isn’t unusual. A lot of INFPs don’t feel well a lot of the time – and I’m not talking about physical illness or other ailments. I’m talking about the soul. I’m talking about mood. I’m talking about waking up some days so depressed you can barely muster the strength to open your eyes or smiling and laughing while inside, in reality, you are slowly perishing from misery. Continue reading