Surely This Isn’t How INFPs Are Meant To Live?

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It’s nearly 11pm and I am in a particularly strange mood. Outside the house, there is a low humming noise, like that of a generator or something—I suppose it must be related to the construction work that has been going on outside where I live. I haven’t been feeling the best. I have been working on editing my book and am about 36% finished—yes I just did the math to calculate that just then—so there is progress happening on that end but otherwise I have not written anything new or interesting and my well of inspiration still has completely dried up. Continue reading


INFP Career Advice


After some discussion with a leader at my church, I have some more clarification in regards to my career choices in life and I thought I’d share the clarification I received with you, my dear readers, in case there are other INFPs out there who are feeling as equally lost as I was or just anyone who is feeling unsure career-wise. Continue reading

INFP Feeling Stuck Career-wise

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I am 21 years old, turning 22, and I still haven’t solved the answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Ever since I was 16, I have tried quite a few careers, tutoring children in English, working in retail at a fish shop, working in age care and childcare and, most recently, as an editor and writer for a podcast, which is an unpaid internship, and I suppose you could throw blogger into the mix, and so far, I have enjoyed the internship and blogging the most. Continue reading

INFPs and Productivity


I think INFPs have trouble starting things. Our ideas seems so shiny and new and beautiful that we feel as though starting it would mean shattering that illusion and bringing our ideas well into the realm of reality, a place where we never feel truly comfortable. I know that when I’m about to start writing, I always hesitate, knowing that whatever I write will not live up to my expectations, but knowing I must push through and get it done. Continue reading

21 Things This 21-Year Old INFP Has Learned


1. Life sometimes doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, no matter how badly you want it to be a certain way. Sometimes, happiness is a compromise and you need to be happy and glad with what you have, rather than pine after what you don’t. Continue reading

Is Childcare A Good Career for INFPs?


The answer to this is maybe. Maybe. It really depends on the kind of INFP you are. While childcare is a rewarding and challenging profession, it may be suited to INFPs on a certain level. Since I have recently started a childcare traineeship, I would like to offer some of my advice, for those INFPs out there who might be looking into childcare as a career option. Continue reading

First Day Of Work


Recently, I  picked up a game called Gaia Online, which is a virtual world, where you can chat on forums, play games, dress up your avatar and do all sorts of fun things.

If I had to recommend one game to anyone, it would be that one. I have a ton of fun just browsing through the marketplace, trying on all the different items and seeing if they can make my ideal avatar. Continue reading

An INFP’s New Career


I’ll be starting my childcare traineeship soon, and words cannot describe how nervous I am about it. It’s not the prospect of dealing with co-workers that worries me—it’s that of dealing with children.

I’ve never been much of a children’s person myself, and yet, here I am, entering the career, and I am terrified of little babies crying in my arms and tiny children hating me. Continue reading

A Musing On This Dreamer’s Life


Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I have officially decided what I want to study next. I will be a completing a childcare traineeship, which means I will be working in a childcare centre. Yesterday, because of an interview, I was able to visit a childcare centre, and I quite enjoyed the experience, so I have decided to make this my next career path. Fingers crossed it goes well. Continue reading

Down In The Dumps


Nothing was going right; not her career, or her books, which she had been writing for over two years. And yet, just when it seemed like things were going to become pear-shaped for good, someone dropped into her life. A handsome, young man, a lovely person, with dashing good looks, and a beautiful house, and a wonderful job. With a sweep of his arms, he welcomed her into his life, and together, off they went, living luxurious days on beaches, in holiday houses, with their three cats. He was friends with a publisher, and they quickly published all three of her books, which then went on to become bestsellers, and all was well and right with the world.

Yeah. Right. More like, the reality of the situation is, I am twenty-one years old, broke, living at home, unemployed, with three children’s books under my belt which no-one wants to publish, and I have no dates, no potential suitors, no potential jobs, for that matter, and am just typing away, alone in my room, wondering what I am doing with my life. It hasn’t been a good week, my friends, if my last post was anything to go by, and I haven’t been faring well. Anxiety attacks, feelings of despair, suicidal thoughts—you name it, I’ve been feeling it.

So, what are my plans for now? Nothing, really. I do have lined up a week’s worth of work experience at a childcare centre, just to see if it is a career I would be interested in doing. I have no idea whether I will like it or not; just today, I smiled at a baby, and it burst into theatrical tears, so I am pretty sure children aren’t going to easily warm up to me. I don’t know why; I’m just a young woman, and don’t look particularly threatening. Nevermind: maybe babies are just afraid of strangers.

Honestly, I don’t know what I am doing with my life, and, at this rate, I almost feel as though it would be a good idea just to go out onto the streets and start living the homeless life, I really do. Of course, I’m nowhere near homelessness yet, but that’s all due to my dear mother, who slaves endlessly for hours a day cleaning people’s homes, just to keep the house afloat. I want to work. I want to contribute financially to the household. It’s just a matter of finding the right kind of job, that’s all.

I am thinking about going back to university, but the level of study it takes to return is something I find very daunting. To be honest, in my entire life, I have never been good at anything much except writing. That has been the one, single thing I have felt any passion or liking for, and even that is swirling down the drain these days, since no publisher seems to want to pick up any of my books. I am just at a complete crossroads, and have no idea what to do, and if it weren’t for the fact that money is necessary to survive in this world, all I’d be doing is reading and writing all day, and keeping this blog going, which would be my ideal life.

Tell me, dear reader, since you have followed me for some time—or even if you are just stumbling across this blog—based on my writing skills, and what little of my personality you can glean from my writing, what kind of job do you think would suit me? I, personally, have no idea, I really don’t. I sincerely hope you are engaged in a job that you enjoy, and that it fulfils you. It is important, I think, to spend most of your days occupied with activities that provide joy and happiness, rather than dreariness and misery.

In the meantime, I will be doing my best to navigate the waters of career searching, trying to find some kind of job I would be suited to, one that doesn’t require a university degree—or at least has a TAFE or diploma pathway—and which allows me to write on the side, fulfilling my passion and paying for food on the table, all at once. Thank you for reading, once again, and once again, I hope your own career pathway or search for a career is going better than mine.