“Immortal” A Song By A Dreamer


Never you mind
I will always find
A better place to be
In my own heart

And we’re drivin under the sky
Taking our lives for a fly
You told me not to lose the beat
As we drove in the heat

I said we’re going to die
It’s not as if we’re immortal
He said don’t be shy
Let’s go make our own time portal


And they said, Ah….
And they said, Ah….
‘Cause we’re so far
From our homes…

We got our lives in such a twist
Not gonna lie to you
I guess we’re in quite the fix
Not even God can save you

And whether it’s heaven or hell
At least we have some fun
And let’s go ‘fore they ring the bell
And schooltime comes

Chorus x1


Take me and go away
Far from this place
You and I will have such a blast
That the skies will
Collapse on us

Chorus x1

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“Figure It Out” By A Dreamer


Trying to figure it out

And I don’t even know

How to buy a house

And to build a home

And you say I do care

We can live in a shack by the beach

You say it’s so unfair

The way rich people eat


Well, I’m…

Trying to figure it out

Take my hand and we’ll run away

I’m taking destiny into our hands

We’ll make the stars align

You and I…

But you tell me you want the cash

Because the bills are piling up

And I’ve got nothing in my stash

Just cigarettes and nothing much

And you say, “Come on, now”

We can’t live like this

We want a baby someday

And if can’t do that for me…

Chorus x1


Leave me, my dear

You and I are not, meant to be

Leave me, my dear

For you and I have no destiny

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