10 Things INFPs Want At The End Of The Day


What do INFPs want at the end of the day? Good question. There’s a lot of information about INFPs out there, most of it good, but sometimes, you just need some nitty-gritty words that get down to the real business of things. So, what do INFPs want at the end of the day? Is it the perfect romantic partner, just like everyone else? Is it to have a successful job? What do we really want? Continue reading


Diary Entry 3

Nothing much has been happening in my life lately, and I couldn’t think of a good topic to write about, so this will be another rambling entry, a peek into the life and mind of another human being. I haven’t been sleeping well these past few days, and it’s been bothering me. I can’t seem to get comfortable. I don’t much like beds, strangely enough; I find them to be dull and lonely places, and much prefer sleeping in public places, on transport and at libraries. Continue reading