Updates On This INFP’s Life


Well, there’s good news, and there’s bad news.

The bad news is—nothing! (Well, apart from world-wide suffering, deforestation and animal cruelty, of course). I just—sorry, was that a bad joke? Sorry. It’s just that, in movies and films, they always have that line, “bad news” and “good news”, and it’s like, well, I thought I’d just try it out for a change.

The good news is, I recently finished another book. This one, I will be sending into a publisher next week Thursday. After a couple more edits—just skim-overs—it’ll be done, and then, off it goes, to its new fate: maybe it’ll get accepted, maybe it won’t. Either way, at least I gave it a go, as Australians like to say.

It’s a book…well, to be honest, I can’t actually say anything about it without ruining everything. Let’s just say, there’s a train in it, and lots of magic. A magical train. And that is as far as I’ll go. Sorry. If it ever gets published—I am really proud of this one, so it has, I don’t know, maybe a 1% chance of actually getting accepted—then you’ll all find out what it is about!

I’m also turning the book I have posted on this blog into a full-fledged book. I don’t know what to do about the copy I already have on this blog though, because if the new book gets published, and someone—say, from the publishers—stumbles across this blog, and finds a similar piece of work on it, I might get in trouble for copyright, for copying myself! Anyway. That’s all stuff in the offing; I haven’t even got a single reply from a publisher yet, in my entire life.

There is bad news. The bad news is, despite being already in my twenties, I have never dated, or been on a date, or kissed a man, or even dabbled in anything close to a relationship.
Certainly, I am happy with the life I am living now, indulging in my passions part-time while working the rest of the time, but at night—and NOT for sexual reasons—I do get rather lonely, and feel it would be nice to cuddle up with someone. Preferably someone who is not my own mother. It’s just not the same.

I have considered online dating, but then, people tell me that’s a kettle of fish you have to be prepared to dip your toes into. You just never know who you might meet.

Let’s see. What else? Nothing, really. I have been sleeping an awful lot lately, since it is the long weekend here in Australia. It was Australia Day! A day to celebrate how wonderful it is to live in Australia, for all people. I do like Australia. It is my home, after all. Apart from the very rare racist person, in fact, it’s pretty excellent.

Well, that’s it from me. I am, for once, actually running out of things to say. In the past, many people have wronged me, or picked on me, and, as I live my life, and grow happier and more confident, I sometimes wish, with the taste of bitter regret in my mouth, that I had been as confident and sure as myself from the very beginning, instead of painfully shy and sensitive, and an easy target. Well, that’s really it. See you later.

PS: I sometimes get comments regarding music, and I would just like to say, just for the record, that Taylor Swift is practically all I ever listen to. As an INFP, her music resonates with me on a very deep, very great level, and I adore her, and ALL of her music.


“Immortal” A Song By A Dreamer


Never you mind
I will always find
A better place to be
In my own heart

And we’re drivin under the sky
Taking our lives for a fly
You told me not to lose the beat
As we drove in the heat

I said we’re going to die
It’s not as if we’re immortal
He said don’t be shy
Let’s go make our own time portal


And they said, Ah….
And they said, Ah….
‘Cause we’re so far
From our homes…

We got our lives in such a twist
Not gonna lie to you
I guess we’re in quite the fix
Not even God can save you

And whether it’s heaven or hell
At least we have some fun
And let’s go ‘fore they ring the bell
And schooltime comes

Chorus x1


Take me and go away
Far from this place
You and I will have such a blast
That the skies will
Collapse on us

Chorus x1

Listen to it, if you want, by clicking HERE Or the link below:


“Nobody” The Song By A Dreamer



I’m no-one


And I’m talking about nothing

You say to me things

And I don’t hear a thing

For I am nothing but an empty book

Chorus 1

You see me go

And then you don’t

I live for the world

But I’m just a word

You want me to stay

But I won’t do that

Because I’m the invisible man, with just a hat

I once was somebody bright

But now the darkness stole the light

I wish for a better place to be

And not to live in disharmony

I wish you would hold onto me

But if you did, you’d end up catching me

And I’d rather stay in anonymity

Chorus 2

I want to be heard

But to be like a bird

Free from prying eyes

And those who darken your skies

You never know

What they might do

Could kill you

And take your heart, too


You will realise one day

That not everybody’s here to play

And not everyone is here to be with you and stay


I’m no-one

And I’m talking about nothing

You say to me things

And I don’t hear a thing

For I am nothing but an empty book

Click HERE to listen to the song.

“Rocket Ships And Internet” Written by A Dreamer


I wish I could find a place for me

Somewhere I could just be me

Butterflies and raindrops in the air

Everything all good and right and fair

But the world that I live in

Is war-torn and bleeding

The people are screaming

Save me now

Save me now


Rocket ships

And internet

Beautiful people

And it’s all pretend

Take my hand we’ll

Run away

Into fairyland

Where it’s all romance

I wish I could fly above the clouds

Under the cover of midnight’s shroud

Taking my time oh it’s so grand

Soaring so high above the land

But the house that I live in

Is all plastic and filling

And the water is running

And somewhere an animal is dying

Save them now

Save them now



Take me and everybody

Somewhere safe

Somewhere lovely

We’ll swing from tires

And bathe in streams

Living on stardust and dreams


Click HERE to listen. Take care. ❤