As an INFP, I Feel Disrespected A Lot

This has something that has been bubbling underneath the surface of my mind for a while. So, as the title of this post states, as an INFP, I feel disrespected by people a lot. I am just an ordinary 23-year-old woman, and you would think this would afford some measure of respect in society when you interact with, say, a salesperson in a store or even your family, but that is not the case.

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It’s 10pm and I’m Exhausted

Welcome to the world of unemployment for creative writers, which is that in amongst all the searching for jobs and applying for the jobs once they have been located and found, one still has one’s short stories or novels to get back to. When a writer is unemployed, he or she is only unemployed in the eyes of the world. In reality, he or she is very much employed in the daily business and arduous task of writing and would like not to be disturbed, thank you very much.

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Why INFPs Love Christmas (Xmas Countdown: 7 days)


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How INFPs Survive In This World


INFPs, one of the 16 Myer-Briggs personality types, known as daydreamers and for being child-like, struggle the most with surviving and living in the real world. It’s difficult to explain why exactly us INFPs have such difficulty with coming to terms with real life and making a living and all these sorts of thing, but the best I can do is say that we’re people who live in fantasy worlds, who would do much better living in a universe of magic and spells rather than the drab, dull reality of our world. Continue reading How INFPs Survive In This World

I Really, Really Don’t Like Reality (INFP Problems)


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a baby. I don’t know why—it just seems like a rite of passage, a part of life most women go through, so I daydream about it a little. My conclusion is that I think I would be very, very scared to go through the pain of childbirth and it’s thus better, considering my pain tolerance levels, if I don’t ever have a baby in the future. Continue reading I Really, Really Don’t Like Reality (INFP Problems)

What It Is Like To Meet An INFP In Real Life


I mean, it’s sort of like meeting just another normal person, really. Here’s the thing. INFPs are very good at acting like something they are not. I don’t mean to say we are “fake”, per se, but in public, we can act like chameleons, blending in with the crowd, and even seem bubbly and extroverted. Don’t be fooled. Deep down, we are absolute hermits who like to hide underneath the covers of our bed and wish the world was a different place every single day. Continue reading What It Is Like To Meet An INFP In Real Life

Why I Sometimes Don’t Like Being An INFP


Listen, being an INFP has its perks, which I will delve into properly in another post, but today, I would like to write about why I sometimes don’t like being an INFP. I think, out of all the personality types, INFPs have the most to complain about. To be honest, as INFPs living in the real world, we sometimes feel as though we have been dealt the short end of the stick in life and even though in reality, we have lots of things going for us and wonderful talents, we occasionally don’t like being INFPs. So, without further do, here are some reasons why I sometimes do not like being an INFP. Continue reading Why I Sometimes Don’t Like Being An INFP

7 Things INFPs Can Do When They’re Bored In Life


Everyone gets bored during life sometimes and perhaps INFPs more so than others because we crave variety, so I today, I decided to write a post on ways INFPs can stop feeling bored in life and how we can get back on track towards feeling motivated and happy again. Boredom is usually a case of having a lack of interesting things to do, so without further ado, here is a list of things INFPs can do to spice up their life and make things more interesting. Continue reading 7 Things INFPs Can Do When They’re Bored In Life

INFPs and Productivity


I think INFPs have trouble starting things. Our ideas seems so shiny and new and beautiful that we feel as though starting it would mean shattering that illusion and bringing our ideas well into the realm of reality, a place where we never feel truly comfortable. I know that when I’m about to start writing, I always hesitate, knowing that whatever I write will not live up to my expectations, but knowing I must push through and get it done. Continue reading INFPs and Productivity

Why Some ENTJs Can Be The Worst Partner For INFPs


Disclaimer: This is based mostly on my one experience with an ENTJ who was very selfish and an unhealthy version of his personality type–not all ENTJs are like this and there are plenty of lovely, mature ENTJs out there. Thank you. 

Got your eye on an ENTJ? Well, don’t, because the relationship will probably end in disaster. Actually, your relationship could still end up pretty good, but I believe if that is the case, then you are the exception to the rule rather than the rule, and should count yourself very lucky indeed, because most relationships—and I’ve known two ENTJs, one romantically, the other platonically, asked other INFPs about their relationships with ENTJs and done a bit of online research—with ENTJs for INFPs end in burning fire and flames. Continue reading Why Some ENTJs Can Be The Worst Partner For INFPs