The Deepest Heart-to-Heart Yet

Sometimes, I feel exposed when I write my blog posts. The inner workings of my heart are on display, and I want to hide it, cover my chest with my hands, and not let anyone see. I want to stop writing on this blog because I feel too raw and exposed, too revealed. But I always change my mind because I know my words do help people, that even if my words help one person feel less alone out there, it is worth that, that all too often in this world we are seen for our outsides rather than our souls and my blog, I hope, is a place where people can be seen for their souls, including me.

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A Ramble On The Void

It’s around half past ten at night right now and I am a bit tired but I still felt like writing this blog post, so that’s what I’m going to do. I feel so immensely tired at the moment, and I don’t mean mentally or physically. It feels like my soul is tired and I don’t know why. Actually, I can’t even exactly explain what it is I feel right now – it’s sort of a combination of nostalgia, misery and yearning all at the same time.

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You Have To Be Able To Be Happy On Your Own – A Heart-to-Heart

I was about to make this another rather ordinary ramble on my blog, but then I scrapped the entire first paragraph and decided not to write today, that I didn’t have anything to say. But then I thought, when in doubt, write from the heart; so that is exactly what I am going to do today. I am going to write from the heart, and say exactly what is on my mind, and I hope that you like it and that it helps you in some way.

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Tips on How To Survive as a Modern-day INFP


INFPs are not very suited to the modern-day world, are we? I mean, we’re very introverted, which is already one count against us. Then there’s the fact that the fields we’re interested in – the arts, such as creative writing, theatre and poetry; and psychology, counselling rather than psychiatry, or certain fields like speech pathology – are either very competitive, very hard to get into or be successful at, or don’t allow you to earn very much money. Continue reading Tips on How To Survive as a Modern-day INFP