A Heart-to-Heart, This Winter Night

It’s winter right now in Australia, although I know for many of you it is actually summer where you live. For the last few weeks, the nights have been chilly and some days, it was downright cold. It’s been a bit warmer these couple of days though, so I hope it lasts – I’m terrible with cold. Heat, I can bear, but cold? No, I absolutely hate it. Just like I hate cold showers and diving into a cold swimming pool. But I can bear the heat much better and I like fire and far prefer the warmth to the cold. Anyway, enough about hot and cold weather; let’s get into this post.

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Hitting A Low Point

I have officially hit a low point in my life. After I lost my job during the Covid-19 crisis, which is still sort of ongoing, nothing has been going right. I haven’t been writing, for one thing. I reread some of my writing and I absolutely loathed it and realised I had written the same books so many times I was utterly tired of the plotlines. So I decided to give myself a break – only for the days to turn into weeks and with no end in sight as to whether I will ever pick up writing again. I actually hate writing at the moment – not blog writing, which I find cathartic and freeing and a way to connect with people, but fiction writing, which has become this source of stress and a place where I feel I need to be better, to improve, to be better, better, better.

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Sunday Blues & Thoughts

So, I decided to write another post today. It’s Sunday, once again it’s 10pm, and once again, I find myself in the position of having nothing to do and no brainpower to actually go and work on my books. I actually feel like I don’t have enough brainpower to even write these words, but we’ll see how we go.

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A Ramble At 1am


Lately I have fallen into the habit of writing at night when I can’t sleep. I don’t know why this is happening as I used to have a blogging schedule, but ever since I upped my daily word count and the amount of reading material I have to get through each day has increased, it seems more and more often I only have time to write at night when everyone else has gone to bed and a little sadness is starting to creep into my psyche. Continue reading A Ramble At 1am

A Little Ramble


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