Raindrops and Roses (A Ramble)

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on this blog. I’ve been quite busy working on finding a part-time job after I lost my last one and, of course, writing as well. Then there’s the fact that I sometimes feel like whatever I write isn’t good enough, no matter how hard I try, including what I write here, so sometimes, I can’t even bear trying (which is bad, I know).

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Hitting A Low Point

I have officially hit a low point in my life. After I lost my job during the Covid-19 crisis, which is still sort of ongoing, nothing has been going right. I haven’t been writing, for one thing. I reread some of my writing and I absolutely loathed it and realised I had written the same books so many times I was utterly tired of the plotlines. So I decided to give myself a break – only for the days to turn into weeks and with no end in sight as to whether I will ever pick up writing again. I actually hate writing at the moment – not blog writing, which I find cathartic and freeing and a way to connect with people, but fiction writing, which has become this source of stress and a place where I feel I need to be better, to improve, to be better, better, better.

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