I Didn’t Touch Writing For A Month

So my dear dreamers, it certainly has been quite a while since we’ve touched base. I hope you have all been well. I can’t say I am doing well, nor am I doing unwell. In the month that I’ve been absent from blogging, I haven’t so much as written a word, not even for this blog. I think I just needed a break from writing as a whole because it had become this gnarly, ugly thing for me, this thing I had to do to get published and plus, what I wrote just wasn’t very good and that was extremely disheartening.

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It’s 10pm and I’m Exhausted

Welcome to the world of unemployment for creative writers, which is that in amongst all the searching for jobs and applying for the jobs once they have been located and found, one still has one’s short stories or novels to get back to. When a writer is unemployed, he or she is only unemployed in the eyes of the world. In reality, he or she is very much employed in the daily business and arduous task of writing and would like not to be disturbed, thank you very much.

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I’m Finally Happy

So, I went on an extended absence from my blog, and the reason for that was, I simply didn’t have anything to write about anymore. All of a sudden, all the inspiration that had been fuelling my blog posts ran dry, and this wasn’t because my life was going badly – it was because I was finally starting to heal from childhood trauma and my life was going well.

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A Christmassy Life Update (Xmas Countdown: 11 days)


I promised my subscribers and those of you who read my blog that this year I would be doing a 12 days of Xmas countdown in the form of a dozen blog posts in succession, and although I don’t know if I will be able to come up with twelve new ideas all in a row, I will try my best. Continue reading A Christmassy Life Update (Xmas Countdown: 11 days)

Children’s Literacy Levels Today

children's literacy.jpg

After a day’s work, I stumbled back through the front door of the apartment I share with my family and, after a short “nap” (I put nap in quotation marks because I just sort of lay there on the bed and vegetated, without actually falling asleep), I stumbled from my bed to my laptop and tried to write.

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Coming Up With 20 Story Ideas


I think there’s starting to be a running theme on my blog, and that running theme is the fact that I’m usually not a happy little camper. More often than not, I am downright miserable, and today is no different. I don’t know what it is about Sunday afternoons that brings on the blues but bring them they certainly do, and let me tell you, I certainly don’t appreciate them making themselves at home and comfortable in my life. Continue reading Coming Up With 20 Story Ideas

I’ve Been Sick


Pardon me for my absence. As seen from the title of this blog post, I’ve been sick with the flu for the past couple of days and let me tell you, it has been a very unpleasant experience and I’m still not entirely over it. I’ve had a fever, runny nose, an extremely painful sore throat to the point where it hurt to eat, and even now, I’m still coughing, my throat is still sore and my nose so blocked a toilet plunger probably couldn’t even make a dent in it. Continue reading I’ve Been Sick

A Ramble At 1am


Lately I have fallen into the habit of writing at night when I can’t sleep. I don’t know why this is happening as I used to have a blogging schedule, but ever since I upped my daily word count and the amount of reading material I have to get through each day has increased, it seems more and more often I only have time to write at night when everyone else has gone to bed and a little sadness is starting to creep into my psyche. Continue reading A Ramble At 1am

A Blog Post Written On Different Days


8:30pm 20/05/2018

I thought I might write a small ramble today, just to catch up with all of you, my readers, and have a little heart-to-heart chat. Let’s see. What’s new with me. Nothing much, really. I’ve been spending my days writing novels and short stories, and the rest of the time studying to be a librarian—I think I might as well finish my course, before I start another in a more writing-related disciple, since I am so close to completing it. Continue reading A Blog Post Written On Different Days

A Little Ramble

love heart.jpg

I really like the idea of two people who are very different falling in love. I think it appeals to my INFP’s sense of romanticism—individuals from widely different backgrounds, drawn together by fate and circumstance, who start up a whirlwind romance.

Whenever I try to write about it, however, it usually does not go down well. For some reason, I can never make the characters properly mesh, and I think that is because the characters I portray are usually too different to actually start a real relationship together. Continue reading A Little Ramble